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LightWave Users Group Meeting – Sunday, March 4th at 12PM PST!

Just a heads up that this Sunday from 12noon – 3pm we will have a LightWave Users Group Meeting. Yup, that’s today! This meeting is virtual on twitch and everyone who registers here will get the Meeting URL on the registration ticket that will be sent to your email. We will also be giving away some goodies and a discount coupon offer for tools and training on for attendees of this meeting, but you must be present in the channel during the meeting in order for you toRead More

Syflex updated for use with LightWave 2018!

Some of you may have missed this as no formal email communication from the developer was made, however a couple of days ago a new version of Syflex was released for Syflex/LW users, to make use of in LW 2018.  This update was rather unexpected, but certainly welcomed and it’s actually kind of a big deal as it does some new “tricks” rather than just simply “work” with LW 2018. Here is some work done with Syflex in LW that you may recognize if you need a reminder as to what thisRead More

The Lightwave Users Group Meeting

The Lightwave Users Group Meeting Come join us on twitch this morning for today’s LightWave3D users group meeting hosted by Citizen, Stephen Burns. The meeting starts at 10AM PST so make sure to get your tickets now.

Free Video! New TurbulenceFD Build: 1433

There is a brand new build of TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D out and it gives you some extra niffy in 2018.0.1. Make sure you watch this video! It will save you a LOT of hassle. TFD for LightWave3D – Conventional Weapons Pack [KAT]The long-awaited Conventional Weapons Pack for TFD for LightWave3D Volume 1. is now available! Check it out… Priced at just $39.95 this package is a great deal. Over 40 individual and unique examples plus the work up files are included in this pack and that’s less than a dollarRead More

Free Video! Ryan Roye -Quick Tour of LightWave3D 2018

Ryan Roye has produced this nice little video covering in a “quick tour fashion”, many, but not all of the improvements and features found in LightWave3D 2018. He does this while at several points comparing the various performance gains above LightWave3D 2015 side-by-side. While just over 10 minutes long, it’s probably the most informative video regarding the benefits and caveats of LightWave3D 2018  out there so far while keeping it all clear to understand.  More of this is on its way. Kat is still working on his first LW 2018Read More

It’s out! Go get it! LightWave 2018 now available!

Well, the wait is now over. LightWave next is LightWave 2018 and just a few hours ago, it became available for purchase as an upgrade or new seat. As promised in our last news letter, Origami Digital and DB-W have released their tools upgrades for LightWave3D 2018. We are not far behind with our own LightWave3D 2018 products and updates. Ryan and Kat are hard at work, even right now, to bring you these in the form of new LightWave3D tutorials. We expect Kat to have his out tomorrow withRead More

TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D – Conventional Weapons Pack Volume 1.

The long-awaited TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D – Conventional Weapons Pack Volume 1. is now available! Check it out… Kat does it again! Priced at just $39.95 this package is a great deal for TurbulenceFD users.         Over 40 individual and unique examples plus the work up files are included in this pack and that’s less than a dollar per scene. Most are render/sim ready for you to load up and make use of as you see fit in your own scenes. Included in this package are scene file foldersRead More

Fixing The LightWave3D Discovery Mode Licensing Issue On Windows 8 and 10

For users of LightWave3D who have run into Discovery Mode suddenly and then continuously coming up even after having LW run normally for ages, this fix is for you.

Merry Christmas everyone! Our annual Christmas sale is back! Get 30% off your purchases!

That’s right! Our annual Christmas sale is back and this year we have upped the savings from the usual 25% to 30% so you get extra value out of your shopping experience. Simply use the coupon code: L3DChristmas2017 and get 30% off when you use the code in the cart prior to checkout. We are so happy about this Christmas sale we decided to torture you with the song of Kat’s people this time of year! (Warning… earworm!) There are lots of reasons why we are so happy right now.Read More

LightWave3D 2018 – The word is given. Lightspeed!

Earlier today, LightWave3D 2018 was announced by NewTek/LWG for release on January 1st, 2018. will fully support this release (if there was ever a doubt?) and we are working on tutorials right now for it. We are not completely done with 2015.3 stuff just yet. We have a few titles yet to release on that front but we are moving as quickly as we can to get there. We fight for the users. Let no one say otherwise. One other thing… “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.” –Read More

Dana Burman – Using Edges for a rim light effect

Check out this quick little video from’s citizen, Dana Burman.

Halloween Sale on now!

It’s time for our 7th Annual Halloween sale here at! Use the coupon code: L3DHalloween2017 until November 2nd., and get 25% off your purchases in our store for L3D brand training and tools!

Adam Vs. Chilton Flash sale!

Due to popular demand, we are continuing with our Flash Sale theme here at! This week until Oct 4th Adam “One Poly Punch” Gibson goes head-to-head against Chilton “Bunny of Doom” Webb! Just as before we have two coupons for you to use in the store during this flash sale and you can get 40% off either Chilton or Adam’s goodies (or both but you need to do them as separate purchases as our store system can only use one coupon code at a time in the check out).Read More

3D-Coat 4.8 Released!

We just got the email from Pilgway regarding the latest version of 3D-Coat. Pilgway Studio is glad to inform 3D-Coat has been updated to version 4.8! The new release includes multiple feature updates and new toolsets now available for download! Check out the video demo and a list of key new features below. Important notice! From September 26, 2017 till October 10, 2017 we offer a special launch discount of 100 (US dollars) on Full Professional and the Floating licenses. Enjoy! Key features introduced in V4.8: – Possibility to attach SmartRead More

Kat is having a flash sale!

Get 40% off Kat stuffs when you use the coupon code: FlashKatSale Act now and save big for a very limited time at on all of Kat’s training from bundles to single tutorials and packs. Learn how to do the amazing VFX featured in these shows and much more below, using LightWave3D and Fusion today! But act now before this deal is gone. Now is your chance to grab ’em at a big discount. Check them all out here at! Make sure you use that coupon code: FlashKatSale  

Kat lights? Yup! Get 29,600 IES Lights for free!

A long time ago Kat started collecting IES lights and he’s decided to share his hunting and gathering efforts with the LightWave3D community after a few people seem to have gained a sudden renewed interest in them on a LW oriented FB groups over the past few days. Check it out. Approximately 29,600 IES lights (that’s a guess but it’s pretty accurate) all neatly organized into directories named after the websites they were pulled from and include the PDFs, Word Docs and other tidbits of information that came with them originally soRead More

It’s time for our 7th Annual Back to School sale!

Yup, it’s that time of year again! is happy to present you with our 7th annual Back to School sale where you can save 25% on your purchases in our store of brand tools and training until September 12th, 2017. Simply use the coupon code: BTS2017 and get 25% off the items by entering the code in your cart prior to check out!

Advanced Turbulence FD for LightWave3D – Masks and Fuel Masks

Kat is back in another installment of his TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D series with “Advanced TurbulenceFD For LightWave3D – Masks and Fuel Masks”. Running approximately 182 minutes, this video features great tips on how to take advantage of TurbulenceFD’s mask and fuel functions. One of the big “secrets” to making your scenes with TFD shine is to provide TFD’s simulation engine with more variables. Learn how this makes a huge difference when going for high-end looks of fire and smoke that moves naturally but can be controlled practically anyway you want. This not limited toRead More

LightWave3D Update: Proof of Life

Less than a week after the “LightWave is Not Dead” post here on which was published the same day as the start of Siggraph 2017, we have proof of life. Now do some of you “get the point” we were trying to make? Read this statement and check your head folks. It’s really simple. You may have your issue with an “outsider” saying it’s not dead, and you know, ok, that’s reasonable. It’s also reasonable for people to have doubts about that which is provided for information concerning aRead More

Fusion 9 Released by Black Magic Design

As we stated in our email blast to you two days ago, Black Magic Design has released Fusion 9 and dropped the price of Fusion Studio to just $299.00USD. That’s pretty kick ass considering the features they have plugged into this new updated version on top of the fact that Fusion is already a world class compositing application.In early testing here by Kat, it seems to do what it says on the box and even simply loading a piece of footage, tracking it, doing a solve and then exporting withoutRead More