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TurbulenceFD Group buy-in training winner announced!

Yes! It’s time to announce the winner of the TurbulenceFD Group buy-in training package! And the winner is: Erika Eick Congratulations Erika! You will receive all of Kat’s Turbulence FD training for free for participating in the June 2018 TurbulenceFD Group buy in! Happy times!

TurbulenceFD Group Buy-in Round 3~! IGNITE!

Ok kitties! It’s on. Time for the 3rd TurbulenceFD Group buy-in event!   Things are a bit different this time but the premise is the same. A big massive discount on TurbulenceFD from (This discounted opportunity is now open and for the first time to C4D users as well. Please read carefully).   1. You must provide your LW Product Lock ID in advance this time. It will help to speed things up. 2. the email so I can keep easier track has changed for this initiative and youRead More

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 11 – Project Car Commercial

In his latest LightWave3D 2018.x video, Kelly “Kat” Myers returns with a great project based title – Practical Production Techniques Vol. 11 – Project Car Commercial. This tutorial is awesome for LightWave3D users who want to know more about how to create a commercial (in this case for a Chrysler 300C) using LightWave3D 2018.x, working with an older asset and updating it to Physically Based Rendering materials, quickly applying native presets in the new shading system to achieve photo-realistic results easily. But this tutorial goes way beyond that as KatRead More

It’s our 8th Anniversary! Save 25% by using the code: L3D8YEARSSTRONG

A special note from Kelly “Kat” Myers – Co-Founder and Citizen. What may seem like a short time for us and many of you out there, it was really 8 years ago that Larry Shultz, Petter Sundnes, Adam Gibson, Kevin Philips, James Willmott and I, started in 2010. Today we are joined by Chilton Webb, Stephen Burns, Ryan Roye, Dana Burman, Phil Nolan, Tom Roth, Craig Monnis, Luke Whitehorn, Jeremy Hughes and Elvis Blazencic with additional contributions made by many more LightWave3D users and supporters including Jim Talley,Read More

Fusion for LightWave (2018) Artists – Vol. 6

Kelly “Kat” Myers is back once again with the first LightWave 2018 specific tutorial in the Fusion for LightWave Artists series. In “Fusion for LightWave (2018) Artists – Vol. 6” Kat breaks down a huge amount of information regarding the new AOV (Arbitrary Object Value) buffer system in LightWave3D 2018. This 11 part video tutorial contains information not covered in Kat’s previous videos in this series or any of his other titles to date. Learn how to break down your buffer selections so you get exactly what you need inRead More

3D Scanning with Reality Capture (Free Tutorial from Phil Nolan)

Over the years, Phil Nolan has been doing amazing work using Photogrammetry. He’s got it down to a science! Using a simple, inexpensive setup the results he’s able to achieve are very impressive. Combining the power of Reality Capture a green screen a few lights and a Galaxy Note 8 phone check out how he scans an object and processes the images to produce a great looking photorealistic model of his subject. Check out his free tutorial here  

Fusion for LightWave Artists Vol. 5 – Curse of the Phantom Shadow

In Fusion for LightWave Artists Vol. 5 – “Curse of the Phantom Shadow”, Kelly “Kat” Myers takes you through a CG+Live action footage mixed VFX shot from the short film by Mark Ross. This tutorial is rather advanced but even first time users of Fusion can benefit from this title and the massive amount of information that Kat passes onto you while he builds out the composite in Black Magic Designs Fusion 9.02 Every LightWave artist needs to learn how to composite CG footage into a live action shot andRead More

TurbulenceFD Advanced Concepts and Projects: Engine Fire

Kat is back with a new installment in the TurbulenceFD Advanced Concepts and Projects Series. This time in “Project Engine Fire”, Kat shows you what goes into setting up a WWII era USAF B-25 with an engine fire effect. This is a real-world shot from the upcoming feature-film (direct-to-video) “Behind the Lines” which is currently in post-production. With a run time of approximately 105 minutes, you get all the info you need to recreate such an effect using LightWave3D (works in 2015.x and 2018.x) and TurbulenceFD from You also get theRead More

Fusion and Davinci Resolve merged into Resolve Studio 15

We have known about this for some time now but Blackmagic has made the official announcement which came out earlier this morning at NAB 2018 on opening day. Fusion is now part of Davinci Resolve 15. A full report will be coming tomorrow from NAB as we are here in Las Vegas (it’s where we are based now btw) but if you want to find out some right now, Blackmagic has a great video online detailing what is new in this massive, (and we mean freaking huge) game-changing upgrade. The priceRead More

AR Portfolio

A pre-configured platform to rapidly build an augmented reality app around your 3D models. Great for any 3D artists who want to show off their own work to prospective clients, friends, fellow artist or turn into an app they can produce and sell to a customer. This kit contains: A secret webpage just for ARPortfolio users that will contain tips, videos, and additional features. This will walk you through all of the hard / tedious / obscure parts of setting up your environment.  A Unity project preconfigured for deployment toRead More

Kat Flash Sale!

Use the coupon code: FlashKatSale and get 45% off Kelly “Kat” Myers videos and bundles! While Kat has several new videos in the works including a new TurbulenceFD title (Project Engine Fire) for LightWave3D 2015.3 and 2018.0.3 as well as new installments in his popular Fusion for LightWave Artists series, we wanted to let you know about this sale. Get 45% off all of his titles for a limited time only. Use that coupon code and save! The code is: FlashKatSale Make sure you enter it in the check out onceRead More

Deep FX World Releases Colorida Motion FX for mograph artists working in LightWave3D

Even more LightWave3D news today! This time from 3rd Party Developer, Deep FX World. Mambo, who is on fire at the moment with his tools for LightWave and has been really rocking it over the last year or so, has just released a great plug-in that is very affordable and it comes in the form of Coloria Motion FX. You can find out more about this awesome tool including a demo version here.  

LightWave3D 2018.0.3 Released.

In a flurry of activity we have not seen since the LightWave3D 9.x development cycle, the LightWave Group has released yet another patch for LightWave 2018! Go to your accounts at and download the latest patch now. For those of you who have no upgraded, you must upgrade by March 31st to save on your upgrade. Don’t hesitate. The price is going up on April 1st! Here is the changelog for the new patch (2018.0.3) if you are interested in finding out what they have been up to sinceRead More

Spring Training Sales event! Get 30% off until March 31st!

That’s right! Get 30% off almost everything in the store including bundles for extra big savings until March 31st, 2018! Use the coupon code: L3DSpringTraining2018 in the checkout and get that big saving today! Hit the store and start shopping!

Join us on Twitch! Next meeting is Sunday, March 18th 2018 starting at 10AM PST. is proud to sponsor the LWUG Roundtable meetings which are now a regular thing on hosted by our very own Stephen Burns Our next meeting will be Sunday, March 18th (that’s tomorrow) 2018 starting at 10AM PST. You can tune in here.

Adobe Fuse for LightWave Artists

Phil Nolan walks you through the finer points of creating a character in Adobe Fuse and how to export and make them work in LightWave3D (2015.3 and prior). This is a great tutorial for artists who want to dabble in Character Animation without having to drown themselves in the process with creating custom rigs or sets ups. Adobe Fuse does it for you while working with Miximo for adding animations to the characters you create! This is complete tutorial providing end to end project details so you are up andRead More

LightWave Users Group Meeting – Sunday, March 4th at 12PM PST!

Just a heads up that this Sunday from 12noon – 3pm we will have a LightWave Users Group Meeting. Yup, that’s today! This meeting is virtual on twitch and everyone who registers here will get the Meeting URL on the registration ticket that will be sent to your email. We will also be giving away some goodies and a discount coupon offer for tools and training on for attendees of this meeting, but you must be present in the channel during the meeting in order for you toRead More

Syflex updated for use with LightWave 2018!

Some of you may have missed this as no formal email communication from the developer was made, however a couple of days ago a new version of Syflex was released for Syflex/LW users, to make use of in LW 2018.  This update was rather unexpected, but certainly welcomed and it’s actually kind of a big deal as it does some new “tricks” rather than just simply “work” with LW 2018. Here is some work done with Syflex in LW that you may recognize if you need a reminder as to what thisRead More

The Lightwave Users Group Meeting

The Lightwave Users Group Meeting Come join us on twitch this morning for today’s LightWave3D users group meeting hosted by Citizen, Stephen Burns. The meeting starts at 10AM PST so make sure to get your tickets now.

Free Video! New TurbulenceFD Build: 1433

There is a brand new build of TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D out and it gives you some extra niffy in 2018.0.1. Make sure you watch this video! It will save you a LOT of hassle. TFD Advanced Concepts and Projects: Engine Fire [KAT]Kat is back with a new installment in the TurbulenceFD Advanced Concepts and Projects Series. This time in “Project Engine Fire”, Kat shows you what goes into setting up a WWII era USAF B-25 with an engine fire effect. This is a real-world shot from the upcoming feature-film (direct-to-video)Read More