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LightWave3D Update: Proof of Life

Less than a week after the “LightWave is Not Dead” post here on which was published the same day as the start of Siggraph 2017, we have proof of life. Now do some of you “get the point” we were trying to make? Read this statement and check your head folks. It’s really simple. You may have your issue with an “outsider” saying it’s not dead, and you know, ok, that’s reasonable. It’s also reasonable for people to have doubts about that which is provided for information concerning aRead More

Fusion 9 Released by Black Magic Design

As we stated in our email blast to you two days ago, Black Magic Design has released Fusion 9 and dropped the price of Fusion Studio to just $299.00USD. That’s pretty kick ass considering the features they have plugged into this new updated version on top of the fact that Fusion is already a world class compositing application.In early testing here by Kat, it seems to do what it says on the box and even simply loading a piece of footage, tracking it, doing a solve and then exporting withoutRead More

LightWave is not dead.

LightWave3D first appeared in 1990 on the Video Toaster 1.0 for the Amiga. That means it’s 27 years old as “LightWave3D” but its origins go back a few years prior. Yes, it’s old. Being old doesn’t mean obsolete. Old doesn’t mean useless. Old doesn’t mean dead. It does mean several things. Mature, battle hardened, but more so than anything; legendary. It’s a survivor of over 2.5 decades of massive changes in the industry, having spent much of the first 10 years of that time leading the way in TV visual effectsRead More

Sale ends July 25th! Don’t miss out!

As many of you know we extended our ID4 sale until July 25th so some people who were in between paycheques could take advantage of saving that they would have missed out on with the original sale end-date of July 10th. With that said, there are only 3 days left in our 7th Annual ID4 sale, so get on it! Use the coupon code: L3D-ID4-2017 and get 25% off your purchases in the store. Again, the sale ends July 25th and that’s driven by the time on the server theRead More

Introducing….The Ultra-Camera Bundle!

What is the Ultra-Camera bundle? Simple! It is the ultimate triple threat of tools for LightWave3D artists who take pictures seriously, especially those venturing into the realm of VR! Get everything you need to do the job and do it right! You get UberCam 2.6, RRCam and VR Scientist 1.0 for $80 dollars off what it would cost if you bought them separately. Why you need this bundle? If you are going to do a VR project with LightWave, making use of Immersive 360 format material, then there is simply noRead More

Introducing Unity 2017.1

Ok, so some idiot at Unity needs to be shot for calling it “2017.1” as yearly naming conventions generally are a really bad idea. (Hello LightWave?!) BUT, it does have a lot of really cool looking stuff going for it other than the unfortunate name change. Unity has evolved so much, so fast in the last 4 years, largely driven by the explosion of mobile gaming and AR/VR markets. It’s no wonder it’s the world’s most popular game engine (sorry Epic). While currently still in beta this is looking toRead More

New Video from Ryan Roye – Current Rigging Concepts

Current Rigging Concepts teaches the entire character rigging workflow from end to end, forget skelegons, forget making hold bones, do away with modeler (mostly). With new tools like Auto IK, weight painting in Layout, and more, it is easier than ever to bring life into your digital creations, and this content shows how they all integrate into the best of what Lightwave has to offer. IMPORTANT!! THIS CONTENT REQUIRES THE FOLLOWING 3RD PARTY TOOLS: – RR TOOLS – 3rdPowers Weight Painter – LWBrush (Optional, but highly recommended, used to createRead More

What is Talon?

Talon Code Mapper is a very interesting project that our very own Chilton Webb has been working on for several years. It’s a revolutionary technology/product solution for code engineers that has a VR kick to it allowing for a visual representation of code in a way that makes things easier to understand, even for mear mortals. Talon Code Mapper is a utility that reads software code, learns how it works and shows the developer a 3D rendering of what they created. It also solves problems of technological debt; like whenRead More

VDB Splicer v1.0 released from DeepFX

Our buddy over at DeepFX has released a very interesting new tool this week that is certainly something that is going to get a lot of use soon if not already for those of you who work with Houdini and or Blender and Open VDB VDBSplicer is a geometry processing tool built on top of the industry standard OpenVDB library, that allows you to quickly process your objects in Lightwave 3D layout. VDB Splicer gives you powerful constructive geometry tools that work on the volumetric level. This will allow you toRead More

Practical Production Techniques Vol 1 – 10 Super Bundle

Kat has put together 10 of his Practical Production Techniques videos into a Super Bundle just in time for July 4th! Get up to speed fast on everything from surface baking to polygon reduction for games and VR/AR production as well as how to construct your shots for big space battles or mysterious nebula scenes and much much more in this bundle for a great low price! Here is a list of the videos you get! Practical Production Techniques Vol. One Practical Production Techniques Vol. Two Practical Production Techniques Vol.Read More

It’s time for our 7th Annual ID4 Sale!

Yup! And some other celebrations packed into the next week or so. Canada Day (July 1st), American Independence Day (4th of July of course) and Kat’s Birthday (July 9th) are all right around the corner! So we are having a sale here at as we celebrate those special days as well as the launch of our new website. Get 25% off your purchases of brand tools and training until July 10th when you use the coupon code: L3D-ID4-2017 Oh and a cool thing we have done is made itRead More

Kat’s Disco In-Fur-No Bundle for TurbulenceFD has been expanded!

*Newly expanded in June 2017!* The Disco In-Fur-No bundle is now better than ever! It’s been expanded to include three more videos not previously included in this bundle for a total of 7, kick ass, tutorials for TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D. This bundle now includes the top-selling and highly acclaimed titles: Introduction to Turbulence FD Advanced Concepts and Projects: Fireball Advanced Concepts and Projects: Atmospherics The Nuclear Weapons Pack (includes a training video, and of course the dozens of pre-built nuclear weapons detonations made with TurbulenceFD and LightWave3D) Advanced Concepts and ProjectsRead More

The rise of a legend? AtariBox!

Some of you may have taken notice of this a few days ago. The anticipation of a 4th game console platform has been out there for many years now to rival Nintendo, MicroSoft and Sony’s systems and finally, it seems the legendary Atari will rise again to challenge them all. Check out the interesting little sneak peek video at So many questions surround this right now that speculation is running wild on the net but according to multiple sources, the system will be PC technology based. Does this mean itRead More

Daz3D Studio 4.9.4 Released

In an age where it seems software is advancing (except for a certain one), DazStudio has received an update with Daz Studio 4.9.4. This is a pretty interesting release for Daz Studio and this version of course now ships with nVidia Iray and is set to work with the next “Genesis” generation of characters that we should be seeing here very shortly. The ability for Daz to take advantage of Iray (and even Octane believe it or not!) has really helped Daz and its artists step up their game over the last year orRead More


Ryan Roye has been busy working to translate and provide documentation in English from Japanese of the YamatoWorks plug-in for LightWave3D. So far, so good! So far he’s completed translation on YamatoWorks Character Management Tool, the YamatoWorks Pose Clip Tool, and the YamatoWorks ChainKey Setter tool. To get YamatoWorks you need to visit the D-Storm Japan website located here and download the appropriate build for your version of LightWave. It is free so enjoy! Check out his videos on youtube!

Deep Rising for LightWave3D Fundementals 1.1 video by Ryan Roye (Free!)

Curious about Deep Rising FX Liquids Simulation tool? Ryan Roye has produced a fantastic video and released it freely on which covers the basics of how to use Deep Rising for LightWave3D. Part tutorial, part review – find out everything you need to know about how to get started with it.

TurbulenceFD Group Buy-in and have teamed up once again to bring you a deal you really shouldn’t pass on. A few years back we organized a group buy-in for TurbulenceFD for LightWave and now we are doing it again. You may have seen Kat post details about this on various facebook LW groups but if not here it is again. Here is how it works. Jawset has a Volume Pricing Discount for TFD, normally reserved for studios who would buy more than one or two seats and as a result getRead More

Fusion for LightWave Artists: Volume 4

Fusion for LightWave Artists: Volume 4 – Curse of the Phantom Shadow Award winning VFX artist and CG Supervisor, Kelly “Kat” Myers is back in his latest installment in the Fusion for LightWave Artists series. This time Kat walks you through a real-world production shot from the low-budget 30+ minute short film written and directed by Mark Ross; “Curse of the Phantom Shadow” With over 396 VFX shots in the current edit of the film, the daunting challenge of completing the task at hand is met through the use of LightWave3DRead More

New Product Alert! VRScientist 1.0 from

For those of you who have been paying attention, Chilton Webb has been hard at work for some time on a new, stand-alone application for VR content creators. Now, after several months of development and testing, is proud to introduce VRScientist This app (for Mac and Windows) works with any stereo or mono 360 panoramas, whether from a render, stitched, or from a 360 camera. The VRScientist lets you quickly and easily look for common problems in VR images, and monitor a lengthy render process by simply bringing the app to the foreground. ItRead More

Vancouver: Unity Certification & VR Roadshow coming April 22nd!

The good folks at Unity are on the road again! This time they are headed to Vancouver with their Unity Certification and VR  Roadshow on April 22nd, 2017. So if you are in Vancouver, BC, Canada and you want to check it out you can purchase tickets for the program. Find out more details here.