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It’s out! Go get it! LightWave 2018 now available!

Well, the wait is now over. LightWave next is LightWave 2018 and just a few hours ago, it became available for purchase as an upgrade or new seat. As promised in our last news letter, Origami Digital and DB-W have released their tools upgrades for LightWave3D 2018. We are not far behind with our own LightWave3D 2018 products and updates. Ryan and Kat are hard at work, even right now, to bring you these in the form of new LightWave3D tutorials. We expect Kat to have his out tomorrow with Ryan shortly there after and we are not letting up as we are joined by others including Chilton Webb and Dana Burman and more as time progresses.

Happy New Year everyone!

One Comment to It’s out! Go get it! LightWave 2018 now available!

  1. AnimeJoex says:

    Hurry up and take my money! 😉

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