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It’s time for our 10th Annual Independence Day Sale!  While we are starting a bit early, celebrate with us as we approach Canada Day (July 1st), US Independence Day (July 4th) and Kat’s Birthday (July 9th). Use the Coupon Code: L3DID4-2020 and get 25% off purchased of almost every product we have in the store at

We now have 450+ products in our store for you to choose from including new additions this past couple of weeks with more on the way. Combine that with our fully LightWave3D 2018 to 2020.x compatible rendering service, built by LightWavers for LightWavers, the LightForge Render Network as well as our new website which are are constantly improving and you get amazing value from us at

So celebrate with us and the community and be proud LightWave3D artists, forming a more perfect union.

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Remember, use the Coupon Code: L3DID4-2020 to save 25% on your purchases until July 9th, 2020

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Brand new video!
Practical Production Techniques Vol. 14

Kat is back with another exciting installment in the Practical Production Techniques Series!

Now in the 14th volume of the series, Kat takes on a shot from a set of 3, from a low budget feature film out of Los Angeles that requires a full photo-realistic CG shot of a Boeing 747 flying over clouds in full 4K at 24 frames per second.

Not for the faint of heart, but by using a suite of tools that involves Black Magic Designs Davinci Resolve Studio 16, Andressen Technolgies Syntheyes, NewTek’s LightWave3D (2020.0.1) and finishing in Black Magic Designs Fusion Studio 16 plus a little bit of render help from the ultra powerful rendering network; Kat makes quick work of the task using proven and battle tested methods for pulling off a fantastic looking shot from reference footage to previs to final in just 220 minutes! (Not including render time of course).

Working with a wonderful 3D model of a Boeing 747 (included!) provided by fellow LightWave3D artist who also happens to be a pilot, Catherine Smallwood; Kat walks you through each step while explaining many of the principles of taking a shot from previs to final and things to watch out for and factor in during the creation of feature film level Visual Effects that are photo-realistic using LightWave3D and the other complimentary tools to compete the shot.

Learn how to produce a track of the plane out of Syntheyes quickly to produce a believable camera motion as it is based on real-world footage. From there Kat gets you into LightWave3D 2020.0.1 to set up the rest of the shot including the CG clouds and the process of making them from a single null object using the new Volumetric Primitive feature in Layout and then getting renders for both the CG plane and clouds ready for processing by the LightForge Render Network. Finally finishing in Fusion, working with the resulting “lightgroup” render buffers from LightWave3D’s rendering engine, Kat completes this VFX shot in a way that looks great!

Get this 220 minute long tutorial with LightWave3D assets, Fusion comp files, Syntheyes Project and of course the training videos today!
Renders are reference footage are unfortunately not included due to copyright reasons and because it would make the package over 100GB in size to download, but everything else is included!

Just $39.95USD


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Brand new video!
Introduction to Davinci Resolve Fusion: Volume One

Do you want to get into Davinci Resolve Fusion? Are you a Fusion user now but not sure how to go about adjust your workflow to Resolve Fusion? Well, you are in luck with this new tutorial series from multiple awarding winning CG Supervisor and VFX artist, Kelly “Kat” Myers.

In this first installment, Kat takes on a VFX shot from the shot film “Curse of the Phantom Shadow”, directed by Mark Ross, using Resolve Fusion 16 Studio. Originally shot many years ago on prosumer level equipment in 720p at 59.94fps, several challenges are overcome in this tutorial, working with 4:2:0 (Mpeg-4) based footage shot against a green screen under less than ideal conditions.

With a run time of 250 minutes, this tutorial is a complete journey from start to finish of a VFX shot that covers how to deal with keying material that typically doesn’t key well due to its lack of color information in the format as well as being heavily compressed, to footage stabilization, noise reduction tricks without turning your footage into mush, adding “beautifying” effects to the actors in the scene and over all Fusion flow “solving”.

Davinci Resolve Fusion 16 (and Studio) is an amazingly powerful product but is not free of bugs! Learn how to overcome these bugs while marching towards a finished shot!

Get this tutorial now for Just $24.95USD

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GlyconVR Update: Ver. 40

Liberty3D Citizen, Chilton Webb has been very hard at work on GlyconVR. Now with Version 40, being released this weekend; a major new feature plus enhancements that make GlyconVR the best VR Motion Capture Solution on the planet.


New in Version 40:
You can use a Quest + Link + SteamVR Trackers.
You can use an Oculus Quest + SteamVR Trackers
You can use an old Vive Wand as a tracker if you have a dongle for it.
Ability to load your own stage in FBX or OBJ format.
Plus much more!
Check out the video on the right or click here to check it out. (FB account may be required)
Get GlyconVR today!

LightForge Render Network Updates!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been very busy working to improve and provide additional compatibility and capacity of the LightForge Render Network. We have produced a number of videos that LightWave3D users can check out below.

Getting Started Guide

MDD and Color Space Demo

LightWave3D 2018 – 2020.x GI Caches demo

StarPro 2.2 – 2.3 LightForge Render Network Demo

We have recently added additional, ultra powerful AMD Ryzen 9 3900 and 3990x CPU based systems with RAM counts from 64GB to 256GB.  Need a plug-in added? No problem! Just let use know and we can have it up for you as fast as possible. We offer real support for LightForge over skype with screen sharing and can assist you through the entire process end-to-end. We built this for you!

Learn more and sign up for an account today by visiting

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