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Deep Discount for Deep Rising FX v3.0 Upgrades

For those of you who joined in on some of the Group Buy-ins that we organized for Deep Rising FX a while back but have not yet upgraded to version 3.0 from 2.x versions – Mambo of Deep FX has a great offer for you right now and we highly suggest you grab it. Directly from Mambo’s News letter which was sent out last night…

“Cyber week is here and Deep FX World is offering epic sales for fall available products, and a unique one time offer for those who haven’t upgraded to Deep Rising FX 3.0. To get an instant 45% discount on any new license simply enter this code during checkout: CYBER_WEEK_SALE_2021

So definitely don’t miss out on that. We will have a Black Friday/CyberWeek Sale starting shortly so don’t go too far 🙂

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