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12th Annual ID4 sale!

Yikes! Our annual ID4 with 35% off is almost over!

This sale runs until July 31st so you only have a few more days left to grab awesome stuff from our catalog! Here is our sale coupon code: ID4XIILW3DL3D

Remember, you have to enter the code into the coupon code box at check out or you won’t see the discount applied. We want you to use the code, that’s why we do these sales and issue codes for them. We have some new content coming, however many of us are working non-stop (weird how that is suddenly) as of late. Kat is currently split between 2 TV movies and Curse of the Phantom Shadow (home stretch to finally finishing that!), Ryan is on some secret mission in California, Phil is 3d printer king of the internets, Elvis is of course modeling something for some huge client and the rest are working and or enjoying the summer.  We hope you are as well. 

Over the past couple of weeks we have had some requests come in for various types of tutorials covering certain subject matter in LightWave 2015 and up. We hear you and are already working on stuff! Stay tuned, and if you see a bug hole… Nuke it! If you see sharks, however… you also know what to do.

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