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Get 30% off this Christmas!

Hello, everyone out there in Lightwave3D land!
It’s time for our annual Christmas Sale here at Use the coupon code: L3DChristmas2022 and get 30% off almost everything in the store until January 3rd, 2023. While we don’t have a lot of new products for you right at the moment due to many of us being slammed working (and or sick, like I am) for the last bit, there are lots of goodies for you as we have almost 500 products in the store now. One of the interesting benefits of being so busy as artists, other than the fact that it’s nice to be working, is that we will have lots of new source material for tutorials and other products when we do get a break. From space sharks to robots and more, it is coming. I personally may be able to crank another tutorial out over the Christmas holiday provided my tummy cooperates. For now though, I personally want to wish everyone from a meowy Christmas and to the LightWave3D community, thank you meowchly and happy mew year. 

Rember to use the coupon code: L3DChristmas2022 to save!


Much love and fuzzy feline animals. 


Kat =^..^=

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