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It’s time for our Big Summer Sale! Get 30% off using code: LW2024L3D

It’s time for our annual big summer sale at Liberty3D! We have lots of new products if you haven’t checked out our selection in a while. Be sure to use our coupon code: LW2024L3D to get 30% off during our sale when you check out of the store.
As many of you are aware, a week ago (May 4th), LightWave Digital and the LightWave community celebrated a full 1 year of LightWave3D finally being freed from the clutches of NT/VizRT and now wholly owned and independent by people who care and the progress the program we all love has made since last May. With new team members coming on board, plus other interesting product feature announcements and a rough date set for October for LightWave3D 2024 to be released, things are absolutely looking up. So with that said, enjoy the 30% off discount on our goodies here at using that coupon code: LW2024L3D until May 31st!

We have several new products in the works, so stay subscribed to our mailing list and keep up to date on the official LWD facebook group found here!

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