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Chilton Webb

Chilton Webb is the developer and artist behind the weekly updated The Dark Reef video game, the VTI Games line of casino games, and several commercial tools for artists. He was also a Macintosh developer at NewTek for all of the LightWave 9.x cycle. He now works as a freelance artist /programmer in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Check out The Dark Reef, ConjurePowerUp, and

Glycon Indie to Pro Upgrade
This upgrades your copy of Glycon from Indie to Pro. As an indie user, you own the current version of Glycon only. With Pro, you get free, continuous updates for an entire year.
Price: $59.00
Price: $39.95
5 Animation Pipelines for Unity
5 Animation Pipelines for Unity
5 Animation Pipelines includes the entire 4 Unity Animation Pipeline project, plus new sections covering LightWave 2018, Unity 2018, Substance Painter 2018, Glycon, the Mechanim Humanoid animation system in Unity, and example files for each.
Price: $29.95
Glycon Elite
Instant motion capture system using your existing VR headset and hand controllers. Free updates for the life of the product.
Price: $999.00
Price: $399.00
Glycon Indie
Instant motion capture system using your existing VR headset and hand controllers. This license is for the current version and one free update.
Price: $399.00
Price: $49.00
Glycon Pro
Instant motion capture system using your existing VR headset and hand controllers.
Price: $399.00
Price: $99.00
AR Portfolio 2.2 [CW]
A pre-configured platform to rapidly build an augmented reality app around your 3D models.
Price: $1,499.00
Price: $1,499.00
Augmented Reality Showcase construction kit for Android, using LightWave 2018, Unity3D, and ARCore.
Price: $29.93
ARKit - Augmented Reality for LightWave 2018 [CW]
Augmented Reality introduction for iPhone and iOS devices, using LightWave 2018, Unity3D, and ARKit.
Price: $29.93
Ultra-Camera Bundle
Ultra-Camera Bundle
What is an Ultra-Camera bundle? Simple! It is the ultimate triple threat of tools for LightWave3D artists who take their pictures seriously, especially those venturing into the realm of VR! Get everything you need to do the job and do it right! You get UberCam 2.6, RRCam and VR Scientist 1.0 for 80 dollars off what it would cost if you bought them separately.
Price: $198.90
Price: $118.90
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VR Scientist 1.0
There are very few standards in the VR industry at the moment. For now, there’s a ton of guesswork and eyeballing. For example, do you know what your target Field of View should be for a VR movie? Don’t worry about it! From our tests, no one else does, either. Every headset is a little different. Enter VRScientist! This app (for Mac and Windows) works with any stereo or mono 360 panorama, whether from a render, stitched, or from a 360 camera. The VRScientist lets you quickly and easily look for common problems in VR images, and monitor a lengthy render process by simply bringing the app to the foreground. It also contains a number of tools to help you analyze your images and look for common mistakes before they spiral out of control. With a single VR image taking up to 6x longer to render than a typical frame, a tool like this can save you hours or even days of rendering time, by helping you catch problems early, and helping you preview single frames instantly.
Price: $99.00
Chilton's Christmas Game Builder Bundle
Everything Chilton has created for game development, including modeling, animation, videos, Unity3D and LightWave3D assets.
Price: $144.80
Price: $79.95
Instant 3D Turntable for LightWave Users [cw]
Build Instant 3D turntables and navigable rooms and buildings using the free version of Unity 5 and LightWave3D.
Price: $34.95
4 Unity Pipelines for Animations [CW]
This step by step tutorial covers how to perform animations using the four different methods available in Unity, and shows how the pipeline works from a 3D app into the game environment. It also includes a more advanced version of the files you'll see in the tutorials, including free models, scripts, and a good head start for a game. The tutorials are divided into four 15 minute, easy to follow videos, with accompanying files. Also included is a bonus addendum with tips and secrets to getting around a few known bugs, what drawbacks exist, and generally how to make your animation life easier.
Price: $19.95
Secrets of SubD Modeling in LightWave 11.5 Volume 2 [cw]
These videos will teach you several subdivision modeling techniques specific to LightWave 11.5. While there are multiple videos in this series, each volume is self contained and can be viewed independently of the others. This video is around 2 hours long, and contains mostly specific projects and workflows. This volume also contains all of the files for both volumes, along with a bonus file and a brief video discussing the creation of the Horny Cricket model for the Dark Reef video game.
Price: $19.95
Secrets of SubD Modeling in LightWave 11.5 Volume 1 [cw]
These videos will teach you several subdivision modeling techniques specific to LightWave 11.5. While there are multiple videos in this series, each volume is self contained and can be viewed independently of the others. This video is around 3 hours long, and contains about half techniques, tips, and tricks, and half specific projects.
Price: $19.95
Conjure for LightWave users [cw]
Conjure is an organizer for people who don't want to be organized. It's a sketchbook. It makes mind maps. You can make notes on it. Save links to important things, from specific emails to websites. It's a file organizer. It's a launcher. It's a photo manipulator. It can even use iChat to help you broadcast and collaborate your thoughts with other people. And it lives right on your desktop, so it's always there when you need it. On top of all that, you can have an unlimited number of desktops, and flip between them like cards in a deck. Conjure lets you create and navigate between an unlimited number of desktops. You can even switch desktops while you're in another application. This way, you can stay focused on the project at hand, while keeping all of your other projects at your fingertips. Conjure transforms your stale desktop into a vibrant, powerful springboard, bridging the gaps between your ideas and the software on your Mac. To make this possible, we added almost 50 new capabilities to the desktop. Download it today, and try it out! The demo version only lets you use three desktops, but that's three times more than you have right now! And now in Conjure 4.5, you get new tools, tabbed desktops, better DropBox support, and over 20 other new features and enhancements. Note: A full license for Conjure is 20% off only when you buy it through Requires: Intel 64-bit Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later
Price: $19.95
Intro to Unity3D for LightWave3D users [cw]
This video introduces you to the Unity game engine from the perspective of a LightWave user. Chapter 1: The Basics The videos in this chapter are designed to be watched straight through. You don't have to follow along with your own copy of Unity or LightWave, though you certainly may. I promise that the more you watch of Unity in action, the more it will make sense. So if you feel like you missed something important, just keep watching. When you go back, it will probably make sense. If not, let me know! 1) Intro: 35 minutes - General intro to Unity3D - Navigating the Unity3D interface 2) Importing objects from LightWave: 30 minutes - Key concepts for importing - Physics - Texturing - Tiling - How to properly share UV maps, - Spreading UV maps across materials 3) How to make a building: 12 minutes - Tiling in more detail - Chilton's Magic Box 4) Using the Terrain Engine in Unity: 20 minutes - Grass - Trees - Bump maps 5) Simple Car: 15 minutes - Adding a script - Intro to 3D math concepts 6) Turntable: 7 minutes - Creating an instant turntable - Rotation vs translation - A few notes on importing 7) Intro to Scripting: 15 minutes - How to find things in the script reference - How to access variables outside of an object Chapter 2: Velocitractor - The Velocitractor videos are divided up into very short groups so you can walk through the steps with your own models if you're having problems or are trying to understand a core concept. Feel free to follow along with your own models, and email me if you have any questions. 8) Modeling, Texturing, and adding Skelegons : 5 minutes 9) Layout and Rigging Part 1: 5 minutes - Basic rig importing, converting from Skelegons 10) Rigging Part 2: 5 minutes - IKBoost and Animations 11) Inspecting the Rig: 4 minutes 12) Creating a walk cycle - 1 minute 13) Exporting Animations to Unity - 2 minutes 14) Inspecting FBX Animations in Unity - 2 minutes 15) Applying Animations to Mechanim - 7 minutes 16) Scripting Mechanim, final thoughts - 15 minutes Also included in the UnityExtras folder (accompanying this file)... All Unity3D project files, and Unity3D files for Version 1 of this document. All LightWave3D project files. Riggin' Trix - a list of things you can do to simplify your rigs for Unity integration. Screenshot of the magic number and the order of things in Unity (GameObject, transforms, components), which you will want burned into your brain. Almost 3 hours of narrated video, files, and cheat sheets!
Price: $25.00
Modeling the M.A.C.O. using LightWave 11.5 [cw]
Modeling the M.A.C.O. using LightWave 11.5 [cw]
This video details using the new Modeler tools in 11.5 to go from concept art to a mostly finished product, using an asset from the game, The Dark Reef. We'll use Straighten, PasteNew, PlaceMesh, EditEdges, Slice, LinePen, Chamfer, Transform, AxisScale, Align, Tweak, AxisRotate, MakePols, AxisTranslate, Thicken, the three new Align commands, and the Align to Plane and Restore Align. Additionally, you'll learn how to use combinations of new and old tools to do things like run cabling and pipes neatly across uneven surfaces faster than ever! The download includes the concept art as well as the finished model, and 3 hours of narrated video.
Price: $25.00
Liberty3D UberCam 2.6
Liberty3D UberCam 2.6 for LightWave3D 9.3.1 - LightWave 2015 (and beyond!) More Awesome Cameras and tools for LightWave3D that you can use in production right away. We have updated our VR Cameras in this release to provide for "back seam" free rendering as well as a completely re-written algorithm for our VR Stereo Camera giving you the best stereoscopic rendering for VR video out there. You get the following Cameras: Liberty3D VR Stereoscopic Camera (New in 2.1) The ultimate solution for creating stereoscopic Spherical 360 Degree VR Video! Liberty3D VR Camera (New in 2.0!) Make Spherical 360 degree videos on, Facebook and more! Liberty3D Surface Baking Camera (New in 2.0!) Liberty3D Spherical Camera (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D Radial Shift Camera (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D OverScan Camera (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D SuperPano Camera (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D Dual-Cam Camera (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3d 4-Up Camera (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D 12-Up Camera (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D Perspective Camera (DOF) (Motion Blur) (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D Perspective Camera (No DoF) (Motion Blur) (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D Perspective Camera (No DoF) (No Motion Blur) (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D Panoramic Camera (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D Cylinder Camera (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D Skybox Camera (Updated for 2.0!) Liberty3D FishEye Camera (Updated for 2.0!) You get the following Tools: VRHeadset Manager (For use with both Oculus Rift DK1.1 and DK2 Virtual Reality Headsets) Virtual Studio Tools VR Headset Device Node (For connecting your camera in lightWave to the Oculus Rift via virtual Studio Tools) UberRift Viewer (A brand new floating viewer window that works with the Oculus Rift in stereoscopic, properly applying the barrel lens distortion effect to your layout camera viewport) L3D Oculus Rift Barrel Distortion Image Filter (For use with our Stereoscopic camera so you can render out images using LightWave's renderer for viewing on the Oculus Rift) This release of UberCam 2.6 is jammed packed with features and comes with an awesome 60+ page manual covering everything you need to know about how to set up your Oculus Rift and use it with LightWave3D plus handy tips on VR content creation using our new VR and VR Stereoscopic Cameras MacOS 32bit/64bit (Universal Binary), Win64bit and Win32bit versions are shipped in this plug-in along with our new manual. Please note that at this time the UberRift viewer works on Windows PC platforms (32bit and 64bit) only and requires at least LightWave3D 11.6.3. Most camera plug-ins are backward compatible to LightWave 9.3.1. LightWave 2017 is supported.
Price: $69.95
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