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Free LScript: HierClone

It has been quite some time since I posted a useful LScript. This draws knowledge from scripts by Chris Peterson and Mike Green, using the built in Clone Hierarchy plugin in LightWave, combined with the visitnodes() function in LScript. It clones a hierarchy repeatedly while maintaining the correct targeting of its internal target items as well as parenting the hierarchy to its “correct” parent. Please feel free to improve and share. Download: (Includes Alesk’s fix for the problem of clones numbers described in the video)

Polygon Islands 2.0

Just in time for SIGGRAPH, MentalFish is releasing Polygon Islands v2.0. Alexandre Labedade ( aka Alexx ) have created a new version of this tool, and it has so many improvements it became a 2.0 release. It is faster and got more features than the first version: Added taper and bend tool User definable deformation center (“pivot”) Preview of single islands when deforming Creation of morphs based on current deformation Creation of weight maps Available now:

Weighter 2 is around the corner

Alexandre Labedade has an upcoming LScript plugin called Weighter 2 and what it does is to transfer vertex maps from one object to another, weight and colour maps, UVs and morphs. Similar to Gator in Softimage.