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April, 2015


MODO 701-Volume #9-UV Mapping a Human

In this ninth volume of 12 volumes 3D Instructor Adam Gibson demonstrates how to get started using Modo 701’s UV Mapping tools. This course starts off familiarizing the student with UV mapping basics/concepts and the Modo User Interface (UI). Then to finish things off a fully detailed Project Session commences where a Human Female model is UV Unwrapped and the UV Map is edited using Modo’s powerful UV Editing Tools. A great tutorial for beginners to start learning how UV Map 3D models for Surfacing and Texturing. Table of ContentsRead More

Moving Sale!

We are moving! Well actually Kat is moving from California to Nevada this month and we thought we would have a sale and get you some great savings on Brand Tools and Training. Kat is getting ready to set up in Nevada and we are helping him pack. You can too but you don’t have to lift any boxes (Kat has a lot of vinyl records, so you got off easily!) Get 25% off with the coupon code: MovingSale¬†until April 21st, 2015! If you missed out on our lastRead More