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May, 2012


Fanboy Combo

We hope you don’t want fries with this one, cause the only fries you’ll get are Prawns on the BBQ. For those who’ve thought over buying this set of training, you can now purchase all 3 parts (modelling, UV mapping and texture painting) as one item, and also at a much cheaper price then buying each part individually! With over 14 hours of video, and loaded with additional materials – model sheets, texture images, adobe brushes, and of course the 3D model file (in 5 file formats) – this projectRead More

CineForm Tutorials

A while ago Jeremy Hughes did a series of tutorials on working with Cineform. These are freely available to all who may need a hint or a tip or few on working with this powerful tool set in various applications, specifically AfterEffects. For the videos (there are several) check out

Stasys Update: 71 Days Left until Pre-Production Begins

Yup, 71 days left, which also means 71 days left in the pre-production campaign itself. If you haven’t contributed yet, please do so by visiting I have made quite a bit of progress today with testing on work flow when it comes to the motion capture stuff. Here is a re-post of that progress from the Campaign page on Indiegogo. Just a quick but more detailed update: Because of contributions that have come in over the past 19 days, I have been able to pick up some of theRead More

Stasys Pre-Production begins! Call for artists!

It seems that things are picking up speed on two fronts right now. First off, our fundraising campaign is starting to pick up speed thanks to our contributors and the LightWave community. So far we are just under 10% of the campaign goal raised and all this in just 2 weeks. Thus far we have raised $1667.00USD with over 500 of that coming in just today. This is really great news and we appreciate everyone’s support. Secondly – I have formed a new Skype chat channel for artists wanting to participate on the showRead More

The stupid things distributors do.

There are several great and then not so great distribution companies out there when it comes to feature film and TV, game and other media distribution. Having dealt with many companies in the past from the absolute bottom of the barrel to the absolute top of the food chain in my career in movies music and microcode catagories, Revolver in the UK seems to be among the worst if not dumbest distributor I have had the pleasure to deal with, even if it is just through proxy via my goodRead More

$1000 and counting for Stasys!

We have passed the $1000 USD mark now for the campaign for “Stasys” but we are still a long ways to go before we reach our goal. We need you to contribute now and share the link to the project – with everyone you know. If we can break the 5000 dollar mark in the next 14 days I believe that will push us into a new realm of the Indiegogo world and bring in outside interest to help carry the funding the rest of the way. NowRead More

Stasys update – Almost $1000 raised!

We got a big jump in funding today for Stasys. We are now at $898.00 USD raised to go towards the pilot, but we need your help in spreading the word to everyone you know. We have 85 days left to raise a total of $17,500 so while there is still time we are still a long ways off from meeting our goal, so don’t hesitate in contributing today. Even a few dollars helps because it attracts the attention of other Indiegogo site viewers who will likely contribute as well.Read More

Fanboy District 9-inspired texture mapping

The final stage in the Inspired by District 9 inspired Fanboy project is finally here…

New product : High Quality Traffic Signs object set

New in our shop is a highly detailed object set of traffic signs for LightWave3D in three variations. Read more for details.