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March, 2022


NATO Alliance Medium Girder Bridge Model For LW 2015 and 2020

Originally Built in LightWave3 5.6 on my SGI 02 workstation back in 2002, for the Canadian Army via a tech company in Vancouver that I was sub-contracting with – The NATO Alliance Medium Girder Bridge is a standard all aluminum mobile field bridge system for crossing rivers, creaks, gorges, you name it. It is used by all member NATO countries Armies and is typically deployed in theater in under an hour for the Single Stack Configuration and under 3 hours for the Double Stack Configuration depending on conditions by armyRead More

LightWave 2020- Volume #16- Cartoon Character Modeling I

In this sixteenth volume of the LightWave 2020/2019/2018 Series 3D Instructor Adam Gibson teaches the LightWave student how to get started modeling Cartoon Style Characters that are designed for the rigging process and animation purposes.  Adam Gibson shows the important modeling techniques & basics for functional polygon flow so your characters can deform/bend for easier posing and animation.  In this volume “Cartoon Character Modeling I” we will be designing a cartoon style Alien head.  In Volume #17 (Cartoon Character Modeling II) we show how to seamlessly create the Alien character’sRead More