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May, 2010


Denis Pontonnier – DP Instance

Denis Pontonnier has released a limited version of his instancing plugin, available on his site in 32bit only at this stage.

ZBRUSH 3.5 – UV Un-wrapping with UV Master

Learn to Master the “UV Master” Plug-in This video covers in detail the new FREE UV Unwrapping Plug-in available for Free Download at the Pixologic website. Topics Covered: 1 Click UV Unwrapping Symmetrical UV Editing Control Painting Ambient Occlusion UV Unwrapping Density UV Editing Preset Editor Work on Clone Feature Copy and Paste UV Buttons

ZBrush 3.1 Creature Sculpting

Learn the power of Sculpting in ZBrush. Create Amazing Characters, Creatures, and Monsters. Learn how to create realistic Muscle, Bone and Tendons. Topics Include: How to Set-Up and use a Back-Drop Reference Image for Sculpting Details Inflate Brush Z-Add, Z-Sub, and Smoothing Techniques Advanced Sculpting Techniques Z-Sphere Modeling Posing Character using Transpose Tool Masking Running Time: 6 hrs.(Approx.) $29.00 USD Instant Download

ZBrush 3.1 Creature Head Detailing

Experience and learn ZBrush’s powerful color painting and sculpting for detailing Creatures, Dinosaurs, Monsters, and all types of crazy and wild looking Characters. Topics Include: How to Set-Up and use a Back-Drop Reference Image for Sculpting Details Poly Painting-Sculpting Masking-Cavity Masking-Mat Cap Materials How to import objects from 3D Software Packages via OBJ Format Running Time: 3 hrs.(Approx.) $29.00 USD – Instant Download

Lightwave 9 – Surfacing for Beginners Volume #2

Topics Covers: Learn how surfaces react with Lighting. Brightness and Colors. Learn how to use the Diffuse Channel, Reflectivity, Luminosity, Glossiness, Translucency and much more. Running Time: 2 Hours-Approx. $19.00 USD – Instant Download [wp_eStore_buy_now:product_id:39:end]

Lightwave 9 – Surfacing Vol. 1 Essentials

A detailed introduction to LightWave’s powerful Surface Editor. Learn how to name surfaces/polygons. Learn how to load preset surfaces. Learn how to make your own surfaces and save them as surface preset. Learn how to make a save all your own pre-made surfaces in their own special directory. Discover Lightwave’s collection of built-in pre-made/pre-set surfaces like: rock, metal, glass, chrome, nature, organic…..and tons more!!! Learn how to edit a surface preset made and create whole new surface based on the original. Learn how to rename surfaces. Learn how to previewRead More

Lightwave 9.6 – Adv. UV Mapping/Texturing Vol.2

Topics Covered: Advanced UV Editing in LightWave Adobe PhotoShop Advanced Image Editing Techniques How to use photos/images to surface a female character in LightWave How to organize and prepare you images in Photoshop for later use. How to Blend images and cover up UV Seams. How to use Layers in Photoshop How to layer images in LightWave using the surface editor. Introduction to Surface Baker How to Bake surfaces from one UV map to another. and much much more. Hours and hours of extensive footage showing the whole process ofRead More

Lightwave 9.6 – Adv. UV Mapping/Texturing Vol.1

Video Contents of Volume 1: Advanced UV Unwrapping Techniques Advanced use of the PLG UV Tools-A FREE Tool for Download. Advanced UV EDITING UV Island Creation How to take Multiple UV Islands and Create 1 Giant UV Island. How to fix OVERLAPPING UV’s using basic tools like the Drag and Move Tool. How to Unwrap UV’s Objects/Meshes without have to break it into different layers. How to Unwrap UV’s with the help of the Surface Editor and Create Parts tool. How to break down your model into logical parts forRead More

Iron Baby

Neat Iron Man parody by Patrick Boivin.

Kerry’s Dance – Short animation in LightWave by Elinewton de Souza

Kerry’s dance has been in production for years now, Elinewton has been posting fairly regular updates on the NewTek website, and he’s finally finished. This was an exercise in character animation in LightWave, which proves it can be done despite what some people may think. Enjoy! – The new source for 3D.

Well it’s been a whirl wind week here at and we are very excited about the weeks ahead as we work our way up to our full capacity and launch (launch date TBD, but very close). Our forums are now fully up and running and you can check them out here. We have also brought on some great new members to assist and participate in the expansion of this site. We will be introducing them to you soon via our posts and communications center shortly but in the meanRead More

Free 3d Coat Training

Javis Jones has offered up a selection of training videos on 3dCoat for free, what a nice guy! View them on Vimeo here and here

ObjectID node

Object ID node by James Willmott posted here. This is useful for per object surfacing and effects. ObjectID 32bit ObjectID 64bit

Lightwave3D Used Extensively in “CARGO”

For those of you who have been paying attention to the “NewTek Now” section this month, CARGO is listed as one of the films where Lightwave3D was used extensively to make the VFX. I happened to work on that show with 2 other great and talented Lightwave folks out of Europe. So props are required for Oliver Vogel and Robbie Muller (especially robbie who built the entire station42 model and most of the sequences before I even got there… the man is insane!) for hanging tough and making theRead More


Edgepack toolset for LW 9.x reposted. A selection of useful edge manipulation plugins for LightWave 9.x free to download and use. Include CopyEdges, DissolveLoop, EdgeBorder, EdgeLoop, Edges2Poly, Loop2Poly, OpenEdges, SplitRing, WeldEdges , WeldRing , Extend Edges, and EdgeWalk. Email me here with any questions. Video explanation of the suite by William Vaughan Mac OSX-UB Win 32 Win 64 Edit: The links for the EdgePack plugin have been removed from this post for “legal reasons.”

Azureus Rising

A nice little proof-of-concept animation from Black Sun entertainment, enjoy! Azureus Rising is the proof-of-concept for an all new feature film trilogy. Azureus is the story of a young man who after escaping death and enduring a life changing journey – matures into a heroic freedom fighter. Azureus Rising is an epic tale of self discovery, obligation and love against all odds. For more information please visit the Azureus website at

Forums are now up!

Ok our forums are now up. You can now register and access them here at While things are a little bare in there for the moment we are working hard to get the discussions going on a number of subjects including our training materials. But you can register now and start posting even just to say hello. We may be moving a few things around while we get it sorted out but in a couple of days it should all be good to go. Come on in and bringRead More