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April, 2019


New!! Create Fire, Smoke, & Clouds in Lightwave 2019!! Lightwave 2019- Volume #5- VDB Creation Tools I- Basics I

In this fifth volume of the Lightwave 2019/2018 (12 Volume Series) 3D Instructor Adam Gibson introduces the powerful new VDB Creation Tools inside Lightwave 2019. VDB’s are amazing feature in Lightwave that will allow you to create Smoke, Fire, Clouds, Gases, Liquids and more. A great place to start for beginner Lightwave Users. Some of the Topics Covered: 1) VDB Node Editor, 2) Importing/Set-Up of Premade OpenVDB Files, 3) OpenVDB Evaluator, 4) Mesh to Volume Node, 5) Gas Solver Node, 6) Noise Node, 7) Using Textures, 8) Cloud Creation, 9)Read More

NAB week! Plus a 25% off sale!

Hey there LightWavers and our supporters. It’s been a very interesting week or two in the land of LightWave3D. We will be on the floor at NAB in the LV Convention Center here in Las Vegas and hopefully discussing things with Dr. Cross and his counter part (whoever that may be) from Vizrt, who recently acquired NewTek. I will be looking to get clear and accurate information. In the mean time we have started our annual NAB special. Get 25% off your purchases here at Use the coupon code:Read More

Unreal Bridge for Lightwave Users

Combined Video Runtime: 47 Minutes INCLUDED CHAPTERS: 1) Intro and Setup – Includes some time-saving shortcuts that will allow you to apply settings to every new project you make. 2) Unreal Bridge – Detailed overview of Lightwave’s interchange tools with Unreal. 3) Preparing Models – The ins and outs of what you need to know to make models and their surfacing work properly in Unreal 4) Skysphere and Lights – Set up your backdrop and get interactive global illumination with gorgeous scene-wide lighting. Sky lights can be made to useRead More