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November, 2013


Big in Japan! Live Stream from LightWave Creators Conference!

Are you tuning in today? You better!   Rob Powers and Lino Grandi will be there doing some kind of song and dance and maybe we will see some new spiffy examples of LightWave being used by the awesome artists and studios in Japan. Maybe we will also catch some new Japanese LW technology in development? Who knows!? Let’s find out. The show starts at 8PM Pacific Standard Time.

November LightWave Newsletter (Exclusive Deals from

For those of you subscribed to the LightWave3D newsletter, you may have noticed the announcement concerning  If you haven’t then you need to read more here about a special deal we have going.

The Comprehensive Guide to IKBooster by Ryan Roye

The Comprehensive Guide to IKBooster (Parts 1 and 2)

IKBooster has baffled and bewildered Lightwave users for over a decade. Despite the incredible value it adds to Lightwave’s animation toolset, it is a fact that IKBooster has remained as a tool of obscurity due to lacking documentation and an unusual and unorthodox (but extremely efficient) interface.

Brand New IKBoost Manual Now Online!

Ryan Roye has taken it upon himself to create the first online set of documents covering the mysterious but stupidly powerful and awesome Character Animation Tool for LightWave3D (which ships with the product); IKBoost. As a fellow student of Larry “SplineGod” Shultz who was the world expert on IKBoost, Ryan has done an amazing job on this manual. Everyone should read it and book mark it right now. You can find the manual here.