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September, 2011


Lightwave Plugin of the Week: Truss2

After several weeks off, the Lightwave Plugin of the Week is back with another classic (i.e. older) modeler plugin: Truss2 by Koki Morioka. This plugin takes makes tubes or discs around polygon edges which makes it useful for building truss structures or scaffolding. If you need this kind of functionality and don’t have LWCAD, you should check this out. It’s Free and, since it’s an lscript, it works on most, if not all, recent versions of LW. Truss2 at Truss2 Direct Link If you have any suggestions for pluginsRead More

Iron Sky – Day 136

Thursday afternoons are always a bitch, but we have been having a bit of fun here as well. We watched TeraNova last night…. Yeah ok. Who did the green screen keying on the shot with buddy from avatar and the ex-cop dad guy looking over the settlement about 2/3rds into the show? How those shots made it into the show… well I don’t know…Really… Come on Spielberg. At least the Dinos looked ok. I would have done a few things differently in comp on them, but they looked pretty good.Read More

Iron Sky – Day 132

It’s Sunday so things are kind of casual here at the office. Luke, Samuli, Lee, Mark, Tuomas and I are here by ourselves as we just continue to truck through shots as quickly as we can. Our director  wasn’t able to make it on Friday as he was sick, thing is we have all been sick – with the mysterious exception of Samuli… hmmmm…. It’s some kind of conspiracy I swear. 🙂 Regardless of near death experiences at the hands of whatever cold virus keeps mutating here in the officeRead More

Urban Pad2 Viral Marketing Campaign!

It seems the original viral marketing campaign that PMG did with Messiah has caught on with another vendor. This time its for Urban Pad version2 from For 29 bucks you can get cities at your finger tips, IF they meet their goal for sales at that price by  October 2nd. If they don’t they will refund everyone but I think this one is going to meet its goal as well. Could be very handy for something I have in mind down the road. The product exports to FBX andRead More

Iron Sky – Day 130

We get a visit from our director today. Weee. In other more exciting useful news after spending the week constructing and breaking out shots we have put ourselves back onto a decent schedule that is starting to stabilize. Hopefully our visit doesn’t blow all of that out of the water. Today’s a day for checking renders, saving out camera motions for the Nuke people (sad, they should have used fusion, but noooooo, everyone wants to be trendy and use nuke… because its… better? ah no, because it’s trendy and theRead More

Iron Sky – Day 125

It’s Sunday here again in Tampere, Finland where myself, Luke and Tuomas are at the Energia VFX production offices continuing on with shots for Iron Sky. This next week or two is all about render, render and more rendering. We need to deliver a whole stack of shots by the end of two weeks from this past Friday in order to stay on schedule. Thankfully all of the work and time that we have done and spent fixing everything that we now have our hands on that originally came toRead More

Lightwave Scenefile conversion tool

As many of you already know, there is a bug in Lightwave 10.0 and Lightwave 10.1. When you are using a numbering system that has a comma for decimal point (like in The Netherlands), you cannot load scenefiles received from others. We’ve created a temporary solution for this.

Iron Sky – Day 119

We made a lot of progress over the weekend on several fronts. First off as I stated in my post from Saturday all of the ships have been given an overhaul texture wise for resolution, noise reduction and general load speed boosting across the board. Second, it seems we now have our first batch of truly “locked” shots that we can begin to ram through. We have currently about 19 shots that we can take to final immediately which will go in after what we have in the cue currentlyRead More

Iron Sky – Day 117

It’s Saturday again and Luke and I are here in the office on our own for the afternoon. He’s actually doing laundry back at the flat that production has rented for some of the guys. Must be nice to be able to do laundry in your own place let alone your own building. I have to haul mine over to Luke’s flat and then dry it here if I want to wear anything. Outside of laundry getting done we made a lot of progress this week despite some delays andRead More

Artist Chat : Abiogenesis with Richard Mans

Abiogenesis is about to make its worldwide premiere onto the international film circuit. We talk to the artist about this amazing short film project.

Sony Vegas Pro to Lightwave LW-Link updated

Vincent Mesman has updated his LW-Link script building the bridge between Sony Vegas Pro and Lightwave3D.

Iron Sky – Day 115

I have one thing to say today. RENDER PAL SUCKS! That is all. Kat

Iron Sky – Day 112

Ah yes, Mondays. Not that it makes ANY difference with respect to me or most of the other guys on the LW team, its just another day in a collection of days that tick away way to quickly. Still its nice to see some progress here over the weekend. Finally it seems that a couple of the Maya guys are “getting it”. One of them was here all day sunday and part of saturday and that’s encouraging. Luke was lucky to get some time off to get back to theRead More

Spot Info Node Tutorial

Rebel Hill has a new tutorial on the Spot Info Node over on YouTube. Looks like a good one.

Iron Sky – Day 109

Luke has the weekend off to attend a wedding of his brothers. I unfortunately missed my brothers wedding a couple of weeks ago. Sorry Dave, I wish I could have been there, but if you want to catch up on what I have been doing then here is a video showing us at work. Luke and I had been working for about 3 days straight at this point, so we both look like hell. Luke is doing his best impression of Shaggy from Scooby Doo in this video and I’mRead More

LALWUG: Car Paint Node Demo

Dave Jerrard demonstrates the Car Paint Node in this six-part video from a LA LW User Group meeting. There are some good tips on working in the Node Editor in here as well, so it’s worth a look, even if you aren’t a gear head.

Iron Sky – Day 108

It’s now September 1st, and we have about 75 days to complete all our shots for the film. This week has been very busy with last minute previs touch ups, texture re-works on various craft and doing some general house-cleaning while we get ready to receive a locked VFX cut of the show and begin the fun work of hammering out the shots through lighting, pyro, breakout and render and then to a large degree comping shots as well. None of this ‘scares me’ but I am concerned about renderingRead More

Adobe gives Apple another kick in the teeth.

Looks like Adobe is putting the thumb screws to Apple in a way. They have been offering some amazing deals on their production bundles as of late. If you have the money and you have been thinking about it, you can’t really go wrong with a deal like this. Especially with new AE to LW and back helpers like AELink (available here on!)