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June, 2010


QuadPanels v1.2

Bugfixes and some new features QuadPanels v1.2 is now out. This free upgrade to the nurnie plugin is now capable of using your own custom built nurnies as details, as well as using the built in procedurals, or use a mix of the two. The Projection of procedural panels is now more precisely controllable too. ( The original post for QuadPanels can be found at ) This shows a panel using purely custom nurnies, you can tell QuadPanels to maintain the aspect and scale of the nurnies if youRead More

Weighter 2 is around the corner

Alexandre Labedade has an upcoming LScript plugin called Weighter 2 and what it does is to transfer vertex maps from one object to another, weight and colour maps, UVs and morphs. Similar to Gator in Softimage.

Celshading without Shaders, Tips and Tricks

Celshading, the technique used to create a 2D visual style from 3D, is commonly associated in LightWave as an effect created through the use of custom plugins and shaders. While there’s no doubt that these tools produce great results, they are often specialised for just that particular purpose, and don’t always offer a wide range of creative options to the CG artist. In this 1 hour 20 mins video tutorial series, I take you through the basics of creating celshaded surfaces using the tools in LightWave’s surfacing system. I alsoRead More

Colour Designer

Neat online colour selector tool discovered this morning over at William Vaughan’s Pushing Pixels site.

Letter to Animators

I was sent this link early this morning, it is a transcript of a letter by Walt Disney in December of 1935 to Don Graham, a highly respected art teacher from Chounaird Art Institute, tasked with helming art classes for Disney animators. It’s a great read for anyone interested in animation. Click here to go to the site

Quadpanels – Fast easy detailing for scifi meshes

Liberty3D’s QuadPanels, by James Willmott has now been updated. Go to here ttp:// for the updated version. I’d like to announce the v1 release of Quadpanels, my fast scifi mesh detailer for LightWave Modeler, v9.0 and up. It’s an Lscript so it works on all platforms. The plugin was created as a solution to the problem of adding nurnies/greebles to a surface. Adding random ‘bits’ to a surface can result in unrealistic geometry including deep intersections where some geometry is hidden under others etc. Quadpanels uses an iterative subdivision schemeRead More

Unity 3.0 Almost Here!

For those of you who have been keeping up on Unity and its development as it moves towards version 3.0 (set for release this summer) you have probably seen this video, but if not, you should check it out and seriously take a look at Unity 3.0 for your next game project. I have to say I am rather impressed with the effects shown so far in this video. With all of the different game engines out there now, from CryTek to Unreal3D and now Unity its starting to getRead More

New Forums – Game Development

A new set of forums have been set up to discuss all manner of issues related to game development ( that isn’t Unity3D specific. ) We have an area specifically set aside for the Eclipse project run by Ron “darkmatter” Richards , where hopefully you’ll soon see some more of the amazing working being done on this Crysis mod. Check it out here.

Battlestar Urantia Fan Film Project

For those of you who haven’t visited lately there has been a lot of activity surrounding the “Battlestar Urantia” fan film project and it’s ramping up fast. Some of the artwork that is coming out from this project is surpassing that of the nu-original series (BSG) as evidenced by Joe McMullen (aka PepeWan on the forums) with his “StarBlazers”  Edition of the Viper MKII Model with the amazing paint and texture work he has done. I encourage you to stop on by and check out some of the workRead More

Free Px_Bezier tool from Pictrix

New bezier tool released from Pictrix