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Battlestar Urantia Fan Film Project

For those of you who haven’t visited lately there has been a lot of activity surrounding the “Battlestar Urantia” fan film project and it’s ramping up fast. Some of the artwork that is coming out from this project is surpassing that of the nu-original series (BSG) as evidenced by Joe McMullen (aka PepeWan on the forums) with his “StarBlazers”  Edition of the Viper MKII Model with the amazing paint and texture work he has done.

StarBlazer Viper

StarBlazer Viper by Joe McMullen

I encourage you to stop on by and check out some of the work that is going on and if you are able to contribute in anyway we are looking for help and there could be some really good benefits in participating (fame and glory for example).

I am overseeing most of this project from a “VFX guy” perspective but it’s good people like Joe and the rest of the crew who are putting in the time to build some really kick ass assets for use in the project that make it shine. As the VFX consultant for the BSG series on seasons II and III, I have intimate knowledge about how the production came together and was produced and we will be applying these techniques to Battlestar Urantia but on a freedom fighter level. Everyone fights! no one quits… oh wait.. that was another space show…

Anyway, this is great project and if you are looking to show off your skills and beat some people at their own game and get some attention doing it  – I encourage you to participate.  Many of the final shot set ups, rendering and compositing will be handled here at Declaration Pictures in Vancouver so I can check everything for authenticity and guide others through the process and those who will be involved will have a greater insight on how the VFX on a show like BSG were done, but this time around you can participate and get credit for it instead of just watching it somewhere.

StarBlazer ViperMKII

Joe McMullen's ViperMKII

Knowledge is key to understanding how this stuff all works and I want to share it with as many people as possible while even learning a few things myself. But the coolness factor of this is awesome for sure. Who knows!? Maybe you might even end up with your name on a Viper name plate if you join up with the crew of the Urantia.  I know I want one considering how kick ass these things look so far! It’s my pleasure to host this project over at and to work with these guys on this project so stop on by. If you can’t participate, no problem, site back and enjoy the results but so far we are off to a great start with work like PepeWan’s here on this ViperMKII.

Just wait until we get them in flight and blowing Raiders to bits!

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