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RR Daz3d Mocap Utility

Daz3d to Lightwave Motion Capture Utility: By Ryan Roye Check out this clip showing how to use the plugin! Daz3d can be a valuable resource for free, high quality human models and accessories, but there are three problems: 1) How do I get content from Daz to Lightwave properly? 2) How can someone actually animate these characters using the rig provided upon export? 3) How can clothing models be made to work with Daz characters with minimal effort? All of these questions are answered in this plugin/video content bundle. You will be transporting characters from Daz3d to Lightwave, you will know how to adjust the surfaces so that they render properly, and you will be armed with a plugin that can adapt an exported Daz3d character rig to any CMU database motion capture clip. VIDEO DETAILS _____________________________ Video Runtime: ~10 Minutes Subtitles: None Includes the following content: Part 1: Exporting your Daz3d character (including morphs you specify) Part 2: Surfacing Adjustments Part 3: Plugin Usage Part 4: Adding your own content to Daz3d characters _____________________________ PLUGIN DETAILS _____________________________ RR_Daz3d_CMU_Mocap_Setup.pyc: Adapts a freshly-imported daz3d character rig/model (from fbx file) and pairs it with a motion capture rig’s animation. Included controls are bone offsetting and strength of influence faders for each limb. COMPATIBILITY: Works best for Genesis 1 and 2 characters, limited support for Genesis 3. Currently supports Perception Neuron and Carnagie Mellon University BVH files. PURCHASE LINKS: As always, if you have any questions about the content before or after purchase, e-mail me at The Daz3d to Lightwave Motion Capture Utility + Learning Content
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