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May, 2017



Ryan Roye has been busy working to translate and provide documentation in English from Japanese of the YamatoWorks plug-in for LightWave3D. So far, so good! So far he’s completed translation on YamatoWorks Character Management Tool, the YamatoWorks Pose Clip Tool, and the YamatoWorks ChainKey Setter tool. To get YamatoWorks you need to visit the D-Storm Japan website located here and download the appropriate build for your version of LightWave. It is free so enjoy! Check out his videos on youtube!

Deep Rising for LightWave3D Fundementals 1.1 video by Ryan Roye (Free!)

Curious about Deep Rising FX Liquids Simulation tool? Ryan Roye has produced a fantastic video and released it freely on which covers the basics of how to use Deep Rising for LightWave3D. Part tutorial, part review Рfind out everything you need to know about how to get started with it.

TurbulenceFD Group Buy-in and have teamed up once again to bring you a deal you really shouldn’t pass on. A few years back we organized a group buy-in for TurbulenceFD for LightWave and now we are doing it again. You may have seen Kat post details about this on various facebook LW groups but if not here it is again. Here is how it works. Jawset has a Volume Pricing Discount for TFD, normally reserved for studios who would buy more than one or two seats and as a result getRead More