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January, 2013


LightWave 11.5 Feature Release Video – Upgrade now available!

The LightWave Group just posted the 11.5 Feature Release video on their You Tube channel. Enjoy the visual goodness. 🙂 Features list from the video: Bullet Dynamics Soft Body Dynamics Respects Bone Deformations Cloth Dynamics Bullet Forces Fiber FX Respects Soft Bodies New Bundling Options New Editing Style Guides After Effects Interchange (From in AE: Export>Send Camera to LightWave 3D) (From in LightWave: LWtoAE button, LWtoAE Settings button) MDD Multi-Loader (Use MD Multi-Baker to bake .mdds for multiple files) (Use MDD Multi-Loader to bring those files back in allRead More

Free Video: Tiling UVs in LightWave

Here’s another short video tip. This time it shows a couple of ways to tile UV projected images. Dave Jerrard’s UV map tricks presentation from LA LightWave User Group can be found here:

Iron Sky wins for Best Visual FX

Yup, it’s official. If you scroll down you will find the listing for Iron Sky. While this next link is old, it covers some behind the scenes footage from Visual VFX at Energia Productions in Tampere, Finland.! Special thanks to the LightWave3D team on Iron Sky from me personally, and also thanks goes out to NewTek/The LightWave Group for making the best VFX/3D Package on the market.  

The Dark Reef – Unity3D/LightWave game for PC/Linux/Mac now available

Chilton Webb, Unity3D guru and LightWave3D developer (Formerly with NewTek’s 3D Division) has been very busy working on his latest creation and now it’s available! This is a great example of what one guy can do with LightWave3D and Unity and we want you to check it out. Here is some copy from the website with some screen shoots and links for the game on your favorite OS.

Free Video: Mitered Corners in Modeler

I posted a new video showing a simple trick for connecting intersecting geometry. There are other ways to do this. Michael Wolf and Alexx (Alexandre Labedade) have suggested using Drill or Solid Drill because the knifing process can be tedious. That method requires more clean up, but probably would take less time than the example I showed. I tried that trick out and liked it so much that I made a new video demonstrating that technique too. The Solid Drill Method

LightWave Scene / Dope Editor Tips

There’s a new and rather rambling video on dwburman’s YouTube channel that shows some of the features and UI quirks of LightWave’s Scene / Dope Editor (formerly known as the Scene Editor). I show a few things that may not be obvious or intuitive in the User Interface, and I cover how to get rid of extra Scene Editor windows that keep popping up whenever you load your scene. One thing that I should’ve covered, but didn’t was parenting and unparenting items in the Scene / Dope Editor. In theRead More

Free Video: LightWave 11 VPR Overview

Dana Burman put together an overview video of LightWave’s VPR (ViewPort Renderer) that covers most of the settings and features.

SplineGod Update: Legacy Videos Coming

Over the holidays we all missed Larry very much. However his wife Camilla has begun transferring to all of his videos including ones that he was working on at the time of his passing. This is a lot of information and the download is still going with 40 odd GB to go. But at least it is on it way. Once we have the videos we will be going through them and releasing them one at a time or several at a time here on for the LightWave 3DRead More