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Textures, Images, Brushes, and Objects to use in you CG projects.
Kat's DTLV Texture Pack Vol. 1
Kat spent a good while walking around the Downtown Las Vegas area taking these lovely photographs for you that are perfect for textures in use with just about any 3D program on the planet, especially LightWave3D. You get: Brick = 16 CamoGrass = 16 Cement = 34 DirtSan =56 Metalics = 115 Misc = 9 PlasterStucco = 46 StoneRocks = 16 Woods = 114 That’s 422 images ready for you to drop into a program such as Materializer (Materializer example project included!) to create your texture sets from for PBR use in just about any modern rendering engine such as LightWave3D 2018+, game engine such as Unreal or Unity or other PBR system. They can also easily be used LightWave3D Legacy editions as well. They are untouched, pristine images taken at magic hour during the month of August 2021. Get over 1.65GB of awesome textures for your next project in this collection today! All photos taken at 1960×4032 or 4032×1960 pixels.
Kats 2018+ Surface Preset Pack Vol. 1  (Glass & Gems + General Metals)
Get awesome new surface presets covering Glass, Gemstones and General Metals! 55 Presets (.pst files) for Glass and Gems featuring smooth, double sided, opaque settings that range from physically accurate to stylized art deco materials. For metals, (mostly Conductor Material Based) Kat has included 28 amazing metal presets that serve as an amazing basis for your object/scene surfacing needs or are directly ready to go with optimizations for rendering cleanly under almost all scenarios as quickly as possible. All presets were made in LW 2020.0.3 but should load in any version from 2018+ No additional plug-ins were required or needed. They are load and go!
Practical Production Techniques Vol. 16 [KAT]
In this installment of the Practical Production Techniques series, Kat is back with a to LightWave3D conversion tutorial dealing with PBR nodal based surfacing using the metalness and roughness shading theory types. This tutorial covers how to work quickly using the “Brooklyn” Kit. Originally built using 3DMax, this kit imports relatively ok, rather than some other kits produced in Maya, Blender or C4D – but with each there are always oddities and things to consider for making their use optimized in LightWave3D easily. Kat covers this and more in this great tutorial. You get all the surface presets created in this title so you can load and go if you own the kit, or follow along and get it done quickly yourself and take that knowledge and carry it over to other kits!
Babylon 5 Legacy LightWave3D Collection
In an attempt to preserve some of the legacy of LightWave3D’s history in the 3D and VFX world and its contributions to some of the most icon sci-fi television shows of the last 30 years; is making an effort archive and make available to the LightWave3D community many fan built assets from the series Babylon 5 (B5). In this free to download collection, there are dozens of objects and scene set ups that will allow you to reproduce many wonderful visuals from the mid-1990s series. This is a great collection for anyone with a copy of LightWave3D going back to version 5.6 (if not earlier but we haven’t tested this) to LightWave3D 2015.3. Later versions of LightWave3D may cause some pretty serious breakage of certain textures, and – volumetric engine or weapons fire effects rigs, so be warned! This doesn’t mean that they cannot be reproduced using later versions of LightWave3D. They can, it just takes a bit of work. While we can’t list everything here, these are some highlights. Included in this collection: Whitestar LWO Vorlon Dreadnought Velarian_Class_Battleship v9etu69q4r28-Babylon5 Shadow_Ship_(non_cannon) Shadow_Alien Psy_Corp_Mothership narncruiser minbari_warcruiser Minbari_Sharlin_War_Cruiser minbari_fighter minbari Jump_Gate Hyperion G-‘Quan_v1 Earth_Force_One EA_Shadow_New_Babylon_Station EA_Omega_Destroyer_by_M.Tarling EA Badger StarFury F3D Release Centauri_Liner big flying saucer Babylon6 Babylon5 Babylon_5_Starfury_Version_3 B5Dockv2 Ashinta_Class_Escort_Frigate ACTA_Jumpoint A_Call_to_Arms_Babylon_5_Jump_Point These and many more are included in this collection. They are provided “As Is” and where possible as they seem to be preserved from their original states produced by fans, credit for the authors is included in readme.txt files for most.
C-130 Hercules in LightWave3D [CAT]
C-130H Hercules for using LightWave3D. Made of 175,737 polygons, this detailed replica of the Lockheed C-130H Hercules has the major control surfaces separated but not animated, propellers are in their own layers with pivot points set for rotation in your animations or still images. The model comes painted in the Tennessee Air National Guard color scheme. For repainting the model easily, a Photoshop PSD file is included with the basic layers and the UV Mapping images. The rear door edges are modeled into the aircraft, but not separated and a simple interior is placed inside if you wanted to finish the cargo doors.
Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Vol. Three [KAT]
Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Vol. Three, features two very special ships from the feature film “Iron Sky”. First up, the Russian “Mir” which is a proverbial kit bash if there ever was one in science fiction, the “Mir” from Iron Sky is it. A reflection of the horrific (if not always fully of surprises) state of Soviet and later Russian Federation space programs this ship combines what was supposed to the “burn up and splashdown” re-entry disposed of space station of Taco Bell publicity stunt fame fa few years back. That and spare parts of just about anything the Soviets and later the Russian Federation space programs shot into orbit. Meticulously detailed in many places, while head scratching in a few others where details could have been really been driven towards, the “Mir” in Iron Sky is a border line capital ship and the direct opposite of the USS George W. Bush scene in the film. It’s primary weapon is in effect, a Particle Projection Cannon with its power source said to be re-purposed nuclear material from failed Mars missions, or orbital nuclear weapons platforms. Take your pick. With the “Mir” you probably would be right with both. “It came in pieces” so to speak, and the primary weapon system is a frontal assault type, more than likely intended to strike at ground based targets such as ICBM silos, power plants, critical infrastructure or ocean faring weapons platforms such as American Aircraft Carriers and their support ships. Fully rigged, this model and scene set up for LightWave 2015.3 (and previous versions going back to 10.1) has been checked and ready for you to play around with and study. It includes the original engine system and PPC weapon rig used in the feature film. Please note, the final effect was treated heavily in post and color corrected to the final result one sees in the picture. Next up is the controversial, almost lost to several hard drive crashes and idiots with lawyers and market courts with no concept of reality… the Japanese “Banzai” Ship. This ship has seen work in 4 different 3D packages. Originally built in 3DSMax, then modified and cleaned up in Modo, before being completely overhauled again in LightWave3D in order to get it it to hero level as picture ready requirements needed to be upped to the best level possible after several shots were added to the feature film shot list with close ups of this ship being called for (because its that’s cool). This meant final work completed including the volumetric engine system and laser bank weapons rigging by Kat himself who also prepared it for destruction/ramming duties in shots found at the end of the picture. A combination of LightWave3D Modeler (mostly Modeler working on the fly during shot set ups) and 3D-Coat was used to produce the damage morphs needed to finish the job. 3 highly skilled VFX artists contributed to the design, construction, and “flight” of this model and it was produced completely independent of the “Production Designer” on the show who interfered constantly, with the VFX process. Maybe that’s why it’s so cool? Yes, because it’s an absolutely original design. Seb, Tuomas and Kat say “banzai!” mofos!
Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Vol. Two [KAT]
“The Commonwealth Ships” Three “Earth Fleet” ships, specifically those from the British Common Wealth as we referred to them on the show are included in Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Volume 2. You get some really awesome craft in this one! The British “SpitFire”, the Australia “Rooketer” (roo as in kangaroo) and the Canadian “CanadArm3”. Each of which includes their appropriate volumetric engine set-ups and feature animated moving parts with the exception of the CanadArm3 ship which didn’t have any moving parts. These are all “Hero” models, meaning they were the ones used for close up shots and later the base for downres or proxy objects used for shots where they appear in the distance or for previs. These models are an essential starting point to the series of packs being released later where entire shots will be made available to LightWave3D users with the goal of pretty much the entire work done in LightWave3D for the original film, being released. 4K, 6K and even 10K resolution texture maps are included where applicable, matching exactly the way they were used on the show.
Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Vol. One [KAT]
After 7 long years, is proud to announce the availability of the Iron Sky LightWave3D assets library. Kat has opened up the “vault” and begun to prep each of the main Earth and Moon NAZI ships featured in the first film. These are not baked down, neutered versions of the originals. They ARE the originals! Used in the show! Initially produced using LightWave 10.1 and early beta versions of LighWave 11, all of the scenes have been pulled forward to LightWave 2015.3 for maximum compatibility. LightWave users from LightWave3D 9.6 to LightWave3D 2015.3 can load these scene files up along with the objects almost by default. Only two 3rd party plug-ins are required; DP Kit and DP Light which are both free to download and use. DB&W’s Material Booster Node may be required for some scenes to load correctly but is not required should you not have it. It is optional but we encourage you to support DB&W by picking up their tools. LightWave3D 2018 Compatibility is not entirely possible (at least out of the box) due to the massive changes in the rendering, shading and lighting systems in the new versions of LightWave3D. However, Kat is working on that. Most of the basic surfacing will come in with some adjustments using the emulated “layer” system but really it should be rebuit for the new PBR technology in LightWave3D 2018 and beyond. The lighting on the ships, specifically the volumetric lighting systems such as those for the engines of most craft will also have to be adapted to the new render and volumetric technology in Lightwave3D 2018. These incredibly rare and detailed assets represent thousands of hours of effort to produce and we are offering them exclusively to the LightWave3D community in their original form as an educational initiative. LightWave3D users new and old can study them and learn while also adapting them to their own scenes or making use of them as they see fit for their own reasons. Kat is granting a limited license for use by individual users of LightWave3D and options for commercial use as well. Several packs are planned and in the works. First up is Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Volume 1. Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Volume 1. Three iconic ships are included in Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Volume 1. The USA’s George W. Bush, the Moon NAZI “Tanhauser” Zeppelin and the Moon NAZI Valkyrie. Each of which includes their appropriate volumetric engine set-ups an in the case of the Valkyrie the volumetric gun system which are able to be animated and aimed for firing. These are all “Hero” models, meaning they were the ones used for close up shots and later the base for downres or proxy objects used for shots where they appear in the distance or for previs. These models are an essential starting point to the series of packs being released later where entire shots will be made available to LighWave3D users with the goal of pretty much the entire work done in LightWave3D for the original film, being released. 4K, 6K and even 10K resolution texture maps are included where applicable, matching exactly the way they were used on the show.
Fusion for LightWave Artists Vol. 5 - Curse of the Phantom Shadow [KAT]
In Fusion for LightWave Artists Vol. 5 – “Curse of the Phantom Shadow”, Kelly “Kat” Myers takes you through a CG+Live action footage mixed VFX shot from the short film by Mark Ross. This tutorial is rather advanced but even first time users of Fusion can benefit from this title and the massive amount of information that Kat passes onto you while he builds out the composite in Black Magic Designs Fusion 9.02 Every LightWave artist needs to learn how to composite CG footage into a live action shot and this title is a perfect way to get into doing exactly that. But more importantly, is learning how to deal with footage that is not of the best quality, as Curse of the Phantom Shadow was shot on a first generation Panasonic Lumix GH1 Camera at 720p in 4:2:0 MPEG format on a shoe-string budget in Mark Ross’ living room. This is where Rotoscoping comes in and some creative problem solving is needed. Rotoscoping is an essential skill all compositors must have in their tool belt and Kat shows you how to work with Rotosplines for masking of shot video as well as still photographic elements and where and how to make use of them correctly in matte control and keying tools. Corner positioner and lens distortion tools are also discussed as they are used in the comp in rather creative ways to compensate for the way the material was shot in order to get it to “line up” with the CG rendered portion produced in LightWave3D. On the CG elements side of the comp workflow demonstrated in full in this video title, Kat shows you how to take a single render pass from LightWave3D rendered with several basic buffers (provided through exrTrader although LW’s native solution works just fine) into Fusion and create bitmap masks for use on Surface/ObjectID tagged portions of the rendered image sequence to isolate them for further independent adjustment. STOP TRYING TO GET EVERYTHING PERFECT IN CAMERA! Do it in comp! Save time by making use of LightWave’s render buffer technology and Fusion’s ultra-powerful compositing engine, leveraging them both to your advantage and making you a better VFX artist as a result. In this tutorial with an approximate runtime of 165 minutes, Kat takes the shot from “Zero to Hero” and you can follow along every step of the way. Provided as an optional download of just over 4GB of bonus content, the rendered image sequence, live-action blue screen footage and photographic elements as well as the Fusion Flow Comp files used to create the final shot are included. As an extra bonus, for those of you with After Effects and Optical Flares from Video Co-pilot is also provided. This is for a small final element requested by the director to finish off the shot.
AR Portfolio 2.2 [CW]
A pre-configured platform to rapidly build an augmented reality app around your 3D models.
Augmented Reality Showcase construction kit for Android, using LightWave 2018, Unity3D, and ARCore.
ARKit - Augmented Reality for LightWave 2018 [CW]
Augmented Reality introduction for iPhone and iOS devices, using LightWave 2018, Unity3D, and ARKit.
TFD for LightWave3D - Conventional Weapons Pack [KAT]
The long-awaited Conventional Weapons Pack for TFD for LightWave3D Volume 1. is now available! Check it out… Priced at just $39.95 this package is a great deal. Over 40 individual and unique examples plus the work up files are included in this pack and that’s less than a dollar per scene. Most are render/sim ready for you to load up and make use of as you see fit in your own scenes. Included in this package are scene file folderscontaining the scenes categorized ccording to the type of explosion or effect. Description of their contents listed as follows: – Abrams (Tank cannon barrel demo example) – FlakBursts (Ranging in style from conventional Anti-Aircraft flak guns to “Galactica style” flak, even though that was all done with HVs. A total of 11 are included plus the work up files so you can learn from them and the process that went into creating them) – FlashBang (Simple flash bang example, simply add your own point or spherical light in the center of the detonation, animate it to go “Off” with the explosion and you are good to go! BREACH! BREACH!) – Grenades (Fragmentation type although your interpretation of that may vary. These can easily be repurposed for RPG impacts or other weapons). – IEDs (Five IED examples constructed from reference material of real combat video from Iraq and Afganistan. These range from small to hurt locker level.) – LandMines\Anti-Personnel (Similar to the IED examples, these are also built from reference video from actual combat and are built off of two real-world mine types that are anti-personnel in purpose. M-14AP and M-16AP mines are standard US arsenal mines and used by militaries around the world. They can be used any way you see fit though so don’t limit your imagination. 11 mines are included in this package.) – Smoke Grenades (Several smoke grenades are included in this package which includes one for tear gas, RGB colors each and a basic generic setup as well.) MP4 videos have been included for easy reference and can be found in the “Renders” folder. They are listed as follows: FlakBurst_One_R03 FlakBurst_Two_R02 FlakBurstEight_R02 FlakBurstEleven_R02 FlakBurstFive_R01 FlakBurstFour_R01 FlakBurstNine_R02 FlakBurstSeven_R02 FlakBurstSix_R01 FlakBurstTen_R01 FlakBurstThree_R01 FlashBang_R01 FragementationGrenadeThree_R01 FragementationGrenadeTwo_R01 FragmentationGrenade_R01 FragmentationGrenadeThree_R02 FragmentationGrenadeThree_R03 IED_Five_R03 IED_One_R01 IED_Four_R02 IED_Three_R03 IED_Two_R10 M1AbramsTank_BasicSetUp_R09 M-14AP_Mine_Five_R02 M-14AP_Mine_Four_R02 M-14AP_Mine_R04 M-14AP_Mine_Six_R01 M-14AP_Mine_Three_R01 M-14AP_Mine_Two_R01 M-16AP_MineFive_R01 M-16AP_MineFiveR01 M-16AP_MineFour_R01 M-16AP_MineOne_R01 M-16AP_MineOneB_R01 M-16AP_MineThree_R01 M-16AP_MineTwo_R01 M-16AP_MineTwoB_R01 SmokeGrenade_Green_R01 SmokeGrenade_TearGas_R01 SmokeGrenade_Two_R01 SmokeGrenadeBlue_R01 SmokeGrenadeOne_R03 SmokeGrenadeRed_R01
Chilton's Christmas Game Builder Bundle
Everything Chilton has created for game development, including modeling, animation, videos, Unity3D and LightWave3D assets.
Kat's Disco In-fur-no Turbulence for LightWave3D Bundle (Newly expanded!)
Kat’s Disco In-fur-no Turbulence for LightWave3D Bundle (Newly expanded!)
*Newly expanded in June 2017!* The Disco In-Fur-No bundle is now better than ever! It’s been expanded to include two more videos not previously included in this bundle for a total of 7 kick ass tutorials for TurbulenceFD. This includes the video tutorial that goes along with the dozens of Nuclear Weapons Detonations that are ready to load into your LightWave shots. Simply find a Nuclear detonation that’s to your liking out of the dozens included in the collection, load it into your shot, simulate it, and you’re pretty much good to go! Kat’s done the heavy lifting for you and now you can get it all and up to speed. Fast. Does it get better than this? Absolutely. Every single person who participated in the TFD group buy-in this spring needs to pay attention here! Get these great videos of Kat’s at one low price to get… Introduction to Turbulence FD Advanced Concepts and Projects: Fireball Advanced Concepts and Projects: Atmospherics The complete Nuclear Weapons Pack (which includes a training video and of course the dozens of pre-built nuclear weapons detonations made with TurbulenceFD and LightWave3D) Advanced Concepts and Projects – Clouds Practical Production Techniques Vol. 10 – Project Smoke Monster Fusion for LightWave Artists: Volume 4 – Curse of the Phantom Shadow All together that’s $193.65USD in awesome product from, but it gets more awesome with the bundle pricing of $139.65USD! That’s 53.70USD saving if bought separately and this bundle is discountable so if we have a sale on and you want to use a sale coupon to get even a further discount – you can use on this product! While coupons can’t be mixed with each other in our store… some of you have a really, really extra special coupon and you should use it for this exact bundle! This means you, recent TFD Group Buy-in Participants! Do I have your attention still? Good. Because the Coupon code I issued you during the last phase of the Buy-in can be applied to discount this bundle while your coupon remains active! Even if you have picked up a couple of these titles since picking up TFD during the spring 2017 buy-in, the discount possible with your coupon code top of the bundle discount will more than likely still you big savings!
TFD Advanced Concepts And Projects - Nuclear Weapons Pack [KAT]
Kelly “Kat” Myers continues his series Advanced Concepts and Projects for Turbulence FD by with the Nuclear Weapons Pack. In this video and download package, Kat has created dozens (Over 50) Nuclear Weapons Style explosions and ground blast wave scenes. Named after early Atomic and Nuclear Blasts from Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Operations Buster-Jangle and Plumbbob, it contains all of the elements you need to create your own explosions for MOAB to multi-megaton detonations. Many of them set up and render ready. Just sim and go. With a run time of 125 minutes this video also includes Quicktime and EXR Renders (optional download) of many of the detonations featured in the package so you can see what they look like without having to render them out yourself first. In addition, bonus content has been provided that can be used in conjunction with the other material in this video giving you the greatest options possible for custom tailoring explosions to your needs. Want to blow up a car or an aircraft carrier or an oil refinery? Samples included in the bonus package give you these styles of explosions. Each of the Advanced Concepts and Projects videos in this series are designed to get you the information and scene examples you need to quickly produce an effect covered in a project. Pick and choose which ones you need when you need them mixing and matching to create unlimited variations on your own. This package is over 5.6GB to download in full. The main tutorial video content is approximately 500MB and the rest is optional for download.
High Quality Traffic Signs :: Object set [cc]
This is a set of High Quality Traffic signs objects for LightWave 3D version 11.
Mega-Uber Deal (Contains 55 Video Titles, 2 Texture Packs, 1 Model Pack)
Mega-Uber Deal (Contains 55 Video Titles, 2 Texture Packs, 1 Model Pack)
The Mega-Uber Deal is a collection of 55 Video Tutorial Titles by Adam Gibson as well as 2 Texture Packs and 1 Model Collection. It contains 31-LightWave 3D titles, 12-3D Coat titles, 7-ZBrush titles, 4 Modo titles and 2-Photoshop titles. This offer will be available for a Limited Time only.

Lightwave Titles
  1. Dinosaur Sub-D Modeling
  2. Dinosaur UV Mapping
  3. Spacecraft Modeling
  4. Surfacing for Beginners Volume #1
  5. Surfacing for Beginners Volume #2
  6. Surfacing for Beginners Volume #3
  7. Advanced UV Mapping Volume #1
  8. Advanced UV Mapping Volume #2
  9. Modeler Volume #1
  10. Modeler Volume #2
  11. Modeler Volume #3
  12. Modeler Volume #4
  13. Modeler Volume #5
  14. Modeler Volume #6
  15. Rigging a T-Rex with Skelegons
  16. Rigging a T-Rex with Bones
  17. Animating a Tyrannosaurus
  18. Sci-Fi Modeling-Interiors Hallways and Corridors
  19. LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #1
  20. LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #2
  21. LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #3
  22. LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #4
  23. LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #5
  24. LW CAD 3.6 Modeling Tools Volume #6
  25. Rigging a Human
  26. Animation Essentials-Vol. #1
  27. Animation Essentials-Vol. #2
  28. Camera Essentials
  29. ZBrush 3.1 for Lightwave Users-Volume #1-How to Paint Color
  30. ZBrush 3.1 for Lightwave Users-Volume #2-Normal Maps
  31. ZBrush 3.1 for Lightwave Users-Volume #3-Displacement Maps
3D Coat titles
  1. 3D Coat -StarFighter Detailing Volume #1 -Normal Maps
  2. 3D Coat -UV Mapping a StarFighter -Quick Method
  3. 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Photo Painting I
  4. 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Photo Painting II
  5. 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Painting Color
  6. 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Normal and Displacement Maps
  7. 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Voxel Sculpting:Project Dragon
  8. 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-UV Mapping
  9. 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Retopology I
  10. 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Retopology II-Project Suchomimus
  11. 3D Coat 3.5 for Lightwave Users-Auto-Retopology
ZBrush Titles
  1. ZBrush 4 for Lightwave Users-Painting Color
  2. ZBrush 4 for Lightwave Users-Normal Maps
  3. ZBrush 4 for Lightwave Users-Displacement Maps
  4. ZBrush 4- ZApp Link Plugin
  5. ZBrush 3.1 Creature Sculpting
  6. ZBrush 3.1 Creature Head Detailing
  7. ZBRUSH 3.5 -UV Unwrapping-“Mastering UV Master”
Modo Titles
  1. Modo 501 Painting Color-The Essentials
  2. Modo 501 Modeling Tools(Volume #1)
  3. MODO 501-Retopology
  4. MODO 501-Dinosaur UV Mapping
Photoshop Titles
  1. Photoshop CS4-Basic Training
  2. Photoshop CS4-Seamless Textures
Texture Packs
  1. Creature Eye Packs- Volume #1
  2. 2D Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection Volume #1
Model Pack
  1. Dinosaur Mega-Pack (Over 40 Dinosaurs)
3D Coat-2D Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection Volume #1
3D Coat-2D Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection Volume #1
This powerful Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection contains 100 individual alpha brushes. The brushes can be used in any painting or sculpting program. Programs like 3D Coat, ZBrush, Modo, Mudbox, Photoshop and more. These Alpha Brushes will save you thousands of hours in production time when detailing Sci-Fi creations like spaceships, space stations, architecture, droids, robots, machines and more. When combining these brushes together you can make extremely high detailed and complex looking surfaces. Speed up your workflow by using pre-made alpha brushes. Contains: 100 Sci-Fi Alpha Brushes All images are 500 x 500 pixels. Format: JPEG (.jpg)
Spectacular Skies [kp]
Spectacular Skies [kp]
A wide range of 58 fantastic high quality dynamic skies for use in your projects. Ideal for texturing, environments, digital backdrops, digital matte painting resources and more! Most images over 3000 pixels wide. Total download 40Mb.
Creature Eye Packs- Volume #1
Creature Eye Packs- Volume #1
Creature Eye Packs- Volume #1 -Contains 27 different creature style eye images that can be used on reptiles, dinosaurs, animals, and fantasy characters in your 3D work. Format: JPEG (.jpg) Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 pixels each image