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It’s time for our annual Independence Day Sale!

Ah yes! Summertime is here and it’s time for our annual Independence Day Sale as Canada Day (July 1st) and American Independence Day (July 4th) both quickly approach. Get 30% off until July 9th, 2023 on practically everything in the store from bundles to presets, models and of course, tutorials! Use the coupon code: ID4L3D2023 and save 30% when you are in the check out! Speaking of tutorials, Adam Gibson has been adding regularly to the catalog here at so make sure you check out his latest offerings. Meanwhile, Kat is also working on a few (like right now) and should be out shortly including a couple of neat preset/bundle packs for you VFX artists out there who need to do neat stuff in your shots. Enjoy the sale and as always if you need anything, we are here to help! That’s why we started this site in part and to ensure LightWave stays with us as our favorite 3D animation package. On that subject: LightWave Lives. By now, everyone, or at least we hope a good majority of the LightWave community is aware that LightWave3D has been acquired from VizRT/NewTek by Andrew Bishop of the newly formed UK entity, LightWave Digital LLc., and that development is not only continuing at this time but there is also to be a scheduled release of LightWave3D 2023,  this fall (Q4). This is of course great news to everyone and we are very excited to see what they have in store for all of us. We, of course, will be working on tutorials and content for this coming release as soon as we possibly can. Many of us have purchased our upgrades already as we await the release and beta (which we hope will be public) and we hope that you will do the same to ensure LightWave3D and its users, get the bright future it deserves. Finally!  From what we understand, the bundled “shares in the company” deal is now over, however, you can still purchase your upgrade and or new seat of 2023 when it releases while also receiving a copy of 2020 should you be upgrading from an older version, through (Password is Jenisys). As many of you know, we are resellers of LightWave3D and will continue to be, yet at this time we encourage everyone to purchase directly from LightWave Digital through their portal. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1. Our reseller portal, which we use to process orders of LightWave3D is not yet fully under the control of LightWave Digital (but will be shortly), and 2. We want to make sure every penny at this stage makes it into the hands of LightWave Digital and is directed toward the development of the product. 3. The portal we use for purchases on behalf of customers is not yet updated to reflect pricing changes or upgrade paths to 2023, due to reason 1. So for now, is the place to go. For existing customers, the main site is under the control of LightWave Digital, and your keys and product downloads are still retained there for LightWave3D, Chronosculpt and Nevron Motion. I know this is confusing to some and it even caught a few of us off guard for a moment, but don’t worry. It’s all coming together. Furthermore, based on recent interviews done by the kewl kats over at LightWave Digest with Andrew Bishop, LightWave3D 2015.3 is going to have an extended life to it. With this said, we will be releasing additional LightWave3D 2015.3 based content very shortly, which can with a little bit of work, extend into more recent and future editions of LightWave3D. So don’t hesitate to pick up some of our older tutorials and content as it will remain relevant for many years to come, even as things advance. As always, we here at thank everyone one of our customers past and present for 13 years (yes, 13 years and counting) of and to all LightWave3D users who went through thick and thin to get here and welcome home those returning to the Light. Cheers, The Citizenry

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