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February, 2012


3D Coat 3.7 – StarFighter Detailing Volume #1 – Normal Maps

In this training video Instructor Adam Gibson shows how to detail a Spacefighter model that was created in Lightwave using 3D Coat’s powerful normal mapping and painting tools.

Suess Shader

James W did a tutorial for a Dr. Seuss type sketch shader a while back. With the closure of HDRI3D magazine you can’t get the tutorial any more so it’s been scanned into a pdf and attached it here for you all, free of charge. Go to the forum to get it!

NewTek Ships LightWave11!

Yes, its finally out! LightWave11, the biggest single upgrade in the history of LightWave since, well a long long time – perhaps even since 5.6 came out is now available. As many of you know, LightWave11 was instrumental in the production of Iron Sky as we were working with NewTek throughout the production cycle using LightWave11 to produce final shots shown throughout the film. Now is your chance to get your hands on the same advancements and improved technology that helped us make the movie when other applications failed (Maya)Read More

Winner announced for the LWCAD 4 contest

Last year december we (Liberty3D and BLR) launched the LWCAD 4 contest. A goal of receiving a minimal of 15 entries was unfortunately not met. However, mr. Velicko from Wtools3D was impressed enough with the entries we got and decided to pick a winner receiving a full license of LWCAD 4.

Valentine’s Day Sale! 25% OFF with Coupon Code – Ends Monday!

Love is in the air (along with the usual amounts of oxygen, nitrogen and other gasses) and we thought it’d be a good time to have a sale. For a limited time only, save 25% on your order* by using the coupon code “BeMine” (excludes 3D Coat) Sale Ends Monday Feb 20.

Latest Products

Check out the latest products available on! Recent products include tutorials for LightWave (both project and tool/technique based videos), Modo, 3D Coat and even a collection of brushes to use in 3D Coat, ZBrush or other paint programs.

New Iron Sky Trailer now out!

Here is the newest Iron Sky Trailer now in full 1080p on Special thanks to the Entire VFX Team, especially the fellow LightWave artists who saved this production by putting more than a lions effort into bringing the VFX to completion!    

Liberty3D Plugin of the Week: UnMultishift

A couple of days ago, TrueArt announced a new free plugin named “UnMultishift” which was designed to make your modeling life a bit easier by ‘undoing’ bevel operations. Essentially, it’s a quicker, cleaner, and faster way to revert a bevel than the manual method of selecting a poly, expanding the selection, merging the polys and deleting the orphaned points. There are nice, big pictures demonstrating it’s function on the UnMultishift page on the TrueArt website. While you’re visiting their website, be sure to check out their commercial plugins as well. They haveRead More