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May, 2011


Iron Sky Day 7

Well I have been here now for one full week with Luke Whitehorn and so far things are moving very nicely. The storyboard we have been given are pretty much previs’ed and outside of director approvals and commentary – are good to go to final shot stage. That’s where the real fun begins. Right now Luke and I are dealing with any of the smaller details that may have been missed in the builds up to this point and putting on finishing touches, lighting, VFX bits and efficient loading forRead More

Iron Sky – Day 6

(Updates are at the bottom) Hello! From Finland (Tampere to be exact). As many of you may know, Luke Whitehorn and I are currently in Finland helping out as VFX humans (and feline) with the feature film VFX of Iron Sky. We are still settling in but over the course of the next few days we will be doing some updates and blogging here on and in the forums of our site. You can also check out the new director diaries from I wasn’t present during the lastRead More

The Power of One.

Alan Elder who is VFXAUS over at the boards has come up with a very special treat for us this weekend. After a lot of hard work and effort and rendering he has delivered on an AWESOME, BSG inspired video. You can check out the forum posting at But more importantly here is the video link at YT.

LightWave3D Sci-Fi Modeling Vol. 1 – Interiors: Hallways & Corridors

In this training video watch LightWave3D  Instructor Adam Gibson build a Sci-Fi Style Corridor/Hallway similar to many that have been created for big screen sci-fi action films. Learn how to take simple shapes and turn them into highly detailed geometry. Learn how to make your polygons glow to be used a light sources. A great video for the beginner 3D modeler and those who wish to learn a few more, new modeling tricks while building along with Adam. Price: $19.00USD

Lightwave on Linux with WINE!

Like Lightwave but don’t like Windows or Mac OS? Oleeblood Animation has posted instructions and a custom build of Wine (software that runs Windows apps without Windows) that lets you run Layout and Modeler on Linux. Unfortunately, the dongle driver is only 32-bit, so you can only run the 64bit version of Lightwave in trial/demo mode. Update: 64bit is now working. The announcement. | The download page.

25% discount at db&w until the 6th of May

db&w are offering a 25% discount on all of their products for the duration of the FMX 2011 in Stuttgart (after all, it’s their home turf). The offer is valid from the 3rd of May until the 6th of May 2011.

News of the week. :)

Hey there everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that our forums are back to normal functionality. Properly registered users who may have been encountering “banned” messages should be able to access our forums without any troubles now. Now a couple of things. It may seem like we have gone “quiet” for the last couple of months but there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes here at We have some new videos already up for you on various subjects covering 3D-Coat and more comingRead More