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August, 2019


LightWave 3D- UV Mapping Bundle Pack I (5 UV Mapping Courses Included)!!

Having a hard time UV Mapping your 3D models? -This UV Mapping bundle pack will have you UV Mapping your models quickly!! -These courses cover all the important UV Mapping Basics and Full UV Mapping Projects from start to finish!! The “LightWave 3D- UV Mapping Bundle Pack I” contains: 1) Lightwave 2019- Volume #8- UV Mapping I 2) Lightwave 2015- Volume #9- UV Mapping- Dinosaur UV Project 3) Lightwave 11.5- UV Mapping a Human 4) Lightwave 11.5 UV Mapping a Creature 5) Lightwave 11.5 UV Mapping Essentials Just $39.00 USDRead More

New!! LightWave 2019/2018 Bundle Pack-Volumes #1 to #10 (Bonus Content & Bonus Tutorials)

LightWave 2019/2018 Bundle Pack-Volumes #1 to #10 contains: 1) LightWave 2018 -Volume #1-Getting Started I 2) LightWave 2018 -Volume #2-Getting Started II 3) LightWave 2018 -Volume #3-Getting Started III 4) LightWave 2018 -Volume #4- Surfacing I 5) LightWave 2019 -Volume #5-VDB Creation Tools I- Basics 6) LightWave 2019 -Volume #6-VDB Creation Tools II- Basics 7) LightWave 2019 -Volume #7-Volumetrics I 8) LightWave 2019 -Volume #8-UV Mapping I 9) LightWave 2019 -Volume #9-Modeler Tools I 10) LightWave 2019 -Volume #10-Modeler Tools II Bonus Content: 1) Dino Mega Pack (40 Dinosaurs) 2)Read More

New!! LightWave 2019- Volume #10- Modeler Tools II (Plus 2 FREE Bonus Courses Included)

In this tenth volume of the LightWave 2019/2018 (12 Volume Series) 3D Instructor Adam Gibson continues his detailed introduction to Modeler’s powerful toolset. A great place to start for beginner LightWave Users. Some of the Topics Covered: 1) Mesh Modify Tools (Move, Rotate, Stretch, Size), 2) Axis Constraints, 3) Mouse Action Center Options, 4) 3D Text Logo Tools, 5) Point & Polygon Creation Tools, 6) Converting EPS (Encapsulated Postscript Files) from Adobe Illustrator for use in Lightwave 3D, 7) EPS File Import, 8) EPS to 3D Logo Project, 9) MeshRead More

New!! Lightwave 2019- Volume #9- Modeler Tools I (Plus 2 FREE Bonus Courses Included)

In this ninth volume of the Lightwave 2019/2018 (12 Volume Series) 3D Instructor Adam Gibson introduces Modeler’s 3D mesh creation tools and UI (User Interface). A great place to start for beginner Lightwave Users. Some of the Topics Covered: 1) File Management, 2) Lightwave HUB, 3) Layout Views, 4) Orthagonal & Perspective Navigation Tools, 5) Grid & Origin, 6) Background Color, 7) Polygonal Primitive Shape Tools, 8) Selection Modes, 9) Selecting Items, 10) Lasso Selections, 11) Autofit, 12) Surface Normals. *FREE Bonus Tutorials: 1) Lightwave 3D-Sci-Fi Modeling-Interiors- Regular Price-$19.00 (IncludedRead More

Back To School Sale!

Our 9th Annual Back To School Sale is on now! We have some amazing deals for you when you use the coupon code: L3DBTS-2019 to get 25% off almost everything in the store until Sept. 5th,  2019! LightWave3D Upgrade Special Ends Soon! We also have a very special deal for those of you looking to get your Lightwave3D 2019 upgrade (or even a new seat) before August 16th when NewTek ends the upgrade special. We can beat the $395.00USD price. Contact Kat and say I need my upgrade! for details onRead More

UberCam 3.0 Development Update

Yes, the rumors are true. UberCam 3.0 is in development. This version of UberCam, due to multiple changes in the LW SDK since the release of LightWave 2018 is going to be somewhat different than previous releases. While we don’t want to give away too much we have some interesting images to show you starting with this post. We are being highly secretive about UberCam 3.0 development though. Some of the things we’d like to do might take a little longer than anticipated. Time will tell. So the above imageRead More