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UberCam 3.0 Development Update

Yes, the rumors are true. UberCam 3.0 is in development. This version of UberCam, due to multiple changes in the LW SDK since the release of LightWave 2018 is going to be somewhat different than previous releases. While we don’t want to give away too much we have some interesting images to show you starting with this post. We are being highly secretive about UberCam 3.0 development though. Some of the things we’d like to do might take a little longer than anticipated. Time will tell. So the above image hopefully will explain a little about why it’s taken us so long. Most of the code in Ubercam 3 is a complete rewrite. These things take time, unfortunately. We know you are chomping at the bit for a new release especially if you are a LightWave3D 2018+ user, since some of the cameras in UberCam 2.6 don’t run properly inside the new LightWave3D render engine itself. In the course of making these changes, we’ve spotted a few opportunities to again push the envelope regarding cameras and 3D software, across the entire 3D industry. Are we porting UberCam to other programs? Not at this time, that’s not what we mean. What we mean is that there is an opportunity through UberCam 3.0 development that will potentially bring features that are long sought after, regardless of what program you use. This will, once again bring functionality to the software that is “industry first” level stuff. Ubercam was the first commercial stereoscopic spherical camera, the first commercial spherical camera that ran properly out of the box for VR, and the only VR camera that lets you easily boost your render speed with directional rendering. But that’s all ancient history! The VR world is changing, and we’re going to take you to the front of the line. UberCam 3.0 goes into heavy internal testing this week. We will keep you posted.  

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