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January, 2020


Did Mac Reiter just release TAFA for free?

Yes, that’s a good question and it seems that the answer is… yes! Check it out. We recommend that everyone download it now just in case it disappears!

Bullet Dynamics for LightWave

Combined Video Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes PREREQUISITES: Basic knowledge of Modeler and Layout. This content assumes you are comfortable with the Lightwave interface and focuses heavily on Bullet Dynamics. INCLUDED CHAPTERS (Sample scenes are included): 1) The Basics – An introduction to the bullet body types, walk-through of the interface, general workflow stuff. 2) Workflow and Scale – Overview of how to utilize bullet in a practical scenario using a penny jar as an example. There are issues created by trying to simulate such small objects in such highRead More

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 13 – Fusion Tracking

Award Wining CG/VFX Artist and Supervisor, Kelly “Kat” Myers brings you everything you need to know to get started with the Blackmagic Designs Fusion or Resolve tracking tools and start making really cool VFX shots, easily. In this tutorial, Kat breaks down the tips and tricks on how to use Fusion’s 3 tracking tools. Tracker, Planar Tracker and Camera Tracker. Every VFX artist needs to know how to do tracking. It’s inescapable and to some, daunting. But it doesn’t need to be. It’s actually really straight forward to do ifRead More

The LFS Project

If you have heard me (Kat) refer to a “Project Genesis” over the past few years, you should know that it is on going and is a series of micro projects that over all, form a whole. It’s purpose dates back to our founding. To our foundation. It is now time for us at to take the next step in this series of micro projects. This one in particular being the last that Larry Shultz was directly aware of. The LFS Project is now activated as part of “ProjectRead More