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December, 2019


TurbulenceFD – Project Kitchen Fire

Kelly “Kat” Myers is back with another installment in the TurbulenceFD for LightWave3D series. This time with an extension to the Advanced Concepts and Projects category “Masks and Fuel Masks”, he runs down the steps needed to set a kitchen on fire! “Project Kitchen Fire” is 142 minutes of excellent knowledge dealing with TurbulenceFD and some of the oddities that it has working in LightWave3D 2019.1.4 and the bcf2vdb conversion tool. When to use it, when not to. Working in conjunction with 3D-Coat, the tools used to produce this projectRead More

It’s time for our 9th Annual Christmas Sale!

That’s right! Use the Coupon Code: L3DChristmasSale-2019 and save 25% off your purchases and almost everything in our store until December 31st, 2019. We have new videos from Kat with more on the way from Adam Gibson and Ryan Roye, plus savings products such as GlyconVR from Chilton Webb,  videos by Phil Nolan, Dana Burman, and the rest of our citizenry here on Not only that but you can get in on the latest TurbulenceFD Group buy-in! Want to save on a new seat of LightWave3D 2019.1.4? You can doRead More

LightWave3D Users Group Meeting!

Join us on Sunday, December 8th for the next LightWave3D meeting. Kat will be presenting for the full 3 hours and will be covering a whole kit and caboodle of stuffs and thing in this session. Make sure you sign up through eventbrite, but if you get this message late, no worries! Simply click this link and you can join us at 10AM PST on Twitch.