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April, 2013


Platinum Platypus Studios featured in LightWave Newsletter

Here is a great article on Pete Sussi’s studio Platinum Platypus. LightWave3D 11.5 plays a huge part in his Studios’ success. So for those of you who have not yet upgraded to 11.5, read this article and then upgrade! When it comes to motion graphics LightWave3D 11.5 has been kicking the door back in on a market it once dominated (did it really ever loose that position? Not really) and Pete’s work for multiple clients throughout the US and the EU shows why and how. Great reading!

The AMD Radeon HD 7990 is the world’s fastest graphics card

AMD seems to be running circles around nVidia when it comes to desktop graphics cards these days. One of the bonuses of having an AMD based graphics card in the classes above 5xxx is that they have quadbuffered stereoscopic support enabled. nVidia graphics cards in the Geforce class do not. You would have to get a Quadro instead, even though they’re Geforce class chips including the Titan and GTX680 have “3dVision”, its not the same thing as quadbuffering output, and its more costly to use 3DVision to get stereoscopic 3DRead More

LightWave 3D and Kinect Presentation from NAB 2013

Rob Powers and Lino Grandi give a brief demo of a Kinect driving a character. I wonder when we’ll get this “out of the box” feature in our hands. I’m looking forward to playing with it. 🙂 NAB Show 2013 – Rob Powers Demonstrates New Motion Capture Robot Demo There’s a different Kinect demo shown at the end of Rob’s Avatar V.A.D./LightWave Presentation. The Kinect part starts around 28:30 & 31:40. In this demo Rob moves his hands around to control the deformation of a Sub-D plane causing mountains toRead More

Free Videos: LScript Made Simple & 20 Minute Power Tower

Sometimes you’ll find yourself doing the same things over and over and over again. One great way to simplify your life is by coding all of those repetitive tasks into a script (either LScript or Python), but what if you don’t know how to program? In this video dwburman shows how some simple can be semi-automated very simply with LScript Commander. No programming knowledge required. When I (Dana) actually tried using this script for real, I had some problems with it. It’s possible that it didn’t work correctly, butRead More

Couldn’t make it to NAB this year? Check out these Live Streams

Now Streaming from NAB 2013 What would a major broadcasting convention be without streaming video? Here’s a short list of live streams available to people who were unable to attend this year’s show. is streaming from the Foundry Booth. The Foundry is, of course, the new home of Modo, so you might be able to catch some Modo demos on this stream as well as good interviews with VFX related people/companies. Watch the FXGuide Stream There is a live stream from the NAB organization itself. Watch the NABSHOW LiveRead More

Rob Powers (LightWave 3D) Interviews

It looks like we will get to hear Rob Powers talk about “The latest in LightWave 3D” via the wonders of streaming video from the NAB show floor.

Steve Waskul of Waskul.TV is heading up StudioXperience, a live studio in the Intel booth, and will be interviewing Rob Powers, President of the LightWave Group, at 3:00pm PDT April 8 and at 10:00AM PDT on April 11.

Lino Grandi talks LightWave and the new Intel E5 Xeon Processor at NAB

More news from NAB, and this time right to the source. Lino Grandi talks about LightWave’s performance on the latest Intel E5 Xeon Processor which features 32 threads. Crazy stuff. Here is the link to the video And remember, you can get 20% off your purchases here at during NAB week. Just use the coupon code: NAB2013 when you check out of the store. We have 3 new videos from Adam Gibson covering LightWave3D 11.5 and Genoma’s rigging technology. So if you have been looking to get into GenomaRead More

NAB Starts today and we are there! 20% off on all Liberty3D products.

It’s only mid-day Saturday and already NAB is off to a big start and we are there celebrating with 20% off on all our products. Simply use the coupon code: NAB2013 at the check out and you will get 20% off of your purchase while NAB is running from April 6th to the 11th. NewTek has a big presence there as they continue to dominate the independent broadcaster and streaming markets with their TriCaster line of products. Where is LightWave3D in all of this? We hope to find out. AsRead More