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Platinum Platypus Studios featured in LightWave Newsletter

Here is a great article on Pete Sussi’s studio Platinum Platypus. LightWave3D 11.5 plays a huge part in his Studios’ success. So for those of you who have not yet upgraded to 11.5, read this article and then upgrade! When it comes to motion graphics LightWave3D 11.5 has been kicking the door back in on a market it once dominated (did it really ever loose that position? Not really) and Pete’s work for multiple clients throughout the US and the EU shows why and how. Great reading!

4 Comments to Platinum Platypus Studios featured in LightWave Newsletter

  1. Jules says:

    um…cinema 4d has been kicking mundo behind.
    Lightwave has lost ground on that.

    • kat says:

      Not as much as you would think. From what I understand practically all the broadcast graphics done out of LA for every major network is done with LightWave. In toronto its heavily LightWave (I didn’t know this actually, I thought the CBC did their graphics in max for example) and when you look at the amount of stuff Pete Sussi has done and for what clients… I would say lightwave has a very solid hold on that. You also have to remember that NewTek is selling tricasters like hotcakes and has been for several years now to just about every school on the planet and with that comes broadcast graphics (LightWave).

  2. rick says:

    As a Lightwave user in Toronto… Kat what’s your source? Toronto is a huge Max/Maya town. Who’s using Lightwave?!? Other than me?

    I’d love to know LW use in Toronto is true. Thanks.

    • kat says:

      Hi Rick.
      We get sales from customers in Toronto and surrounding areas. Adam Gibson is in Bowmanville (not exactly close I know) for example. So they are out there. While my uncle was with the CBC in Edmonton he was working with people out of Toronto who were doing LW work for the network as well and that wasn’t all that long ago when he retired (just over two years ago or so).
      I also got a poke about a year ago from a vfx studio that also has operations in Vancouver about going there to do some previs work using LightWave but I can’t name that studio (NDA terms).
      Also a friend of mine who worked at Digi-Guys (cool guy named Everton) with me is from Toronto and works out of there but I think he bounces around now from city to city for work (like many of us).

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