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April, 2017


Fusion for LightWave Artists: Volume 4

Fusion for LightWave Artists: Volume 4 – Curse of the Phantom Shadow Award winning VFX artist and CG Supervisor, Kelly “Kat” Myers is back in his latest installment in the Fusion for LightWave Artists series. This time Kat walks you through a real-world production shot from the low-budget 30+ minute short film written and directed by Mark Ross; “Curse of the Phantom Shadow” With over 396 VFX shots in the current edit of the film, the daunting challenge of completing the task at hand is met through the use of LightWave3DRead More

New Product Alert! VRScientist 1.0 from

For those of you who have been paying attention, Chilton Webb has been hard at work for some time on a new, stand-alone application for VR content creators. Now, after several months of development and testing, is proud to introduce VRScientist This app (for Mac and Windows) works with any stereo or mono 360 panoramas, whether from a render, stitched, or from a 360 camera. The VRScientist lets you quickly and easily look for common problems in VR images, and monitor a lengthy render process by simply bringing the app to the foreground. ItRead More

Vancouver: Unity Certification & VR Roadshow coming April 22nd!

The good folks at Unity are on the road again! This time they are headed to Vancouver with their Unity Certification and VR  Roadshow on April 22nd, 2017. So if you are in Vancouver, BC, Canada and you want to check it out you can purchase tickets for the program. Find out more details here.

New download link!

Doh! Mailchimp mangled the URL for the download to the UberCam link. Use this one instead – remember it will expire quick!

UberCam 2.6 now shipping!

You thought our NAB sale announcement and our 7th Anniversary was just a little email blast? Nope! Wrong! We are happy to announce that UberCam 2.6 is finally available to all registered UberCam 2.x users as a free upgrade and that those users will be receiving an email very shortly about how to download UberCam 2.6 and what has been done to it over the course of the last few months since the release of UberCam 2.5. There have been quite a number of improvements across the board and MacRead More