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UberCam 2.6 now shipping!

You thought our NAB sale announcement and our 7th Anniversary was just a little email blast? Nope! Wrong! We are happy to announce that UberCam 2.6 is finally available to all registered UberCam 2.x users as a free upgrade and that those users will be receiving an email very shortly about how to download UberCam 2.6 and what has been done to it over the course of the last few months since the release of UberCam 2.5. There have been quite a number of improvements across the board and Mac and PC users can all sync up to this version as we have squashed the licensing crash bug on the MacOS side which prevented Mac users from running version 2.5. Don’t have UberCam yet?! Doh! No problem! You can get UberCam 2.6 today, for 25% off while our NABShow 2017 / 7th Anniversary sale continues. Use the coupon code: WEARESEVEN when you check out (don’t forget to enter your LW Product Lock ID) of our store. Get UberCam 2.6 now by clicking here!  

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2 Comments to UberCam 2.6 now shipping!

  1. Hello,

    I have Ubercam 2.5 and would like to download the new 2.6 version. Can you guide me to where on your site I would do this?


    Brad Mathison

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