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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 23 – Top Gunner 3 Fighter Combat

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 23 from Kelly “Kat” Myers is a shot study and recreation of a VFX shot from The Asylum’s “Top Gunner 3” which was released in the early fall of 2023 on various streaming networks worldwide.

In this title, Kat gets straight into it with a scene where an experimental 6th Generation US Fighter Jet (but production decided to use the YF-23 Black Widow model, which was the design loser in the F-22 competition back in the early 1990s) launches a missile and destroys a Russian Su-53 Felon fighter jet.

Several areas of LightWave3D production are covered in this tutorial which is suitable for users working with LightWave3D Versions 2015.3 and up.
From animation concepts working with missiles, particleFX (PFX), Hypervoxels for the missile trail, Bullet Dynamics for the destruction of the Su-57 and finally, TurbulenceFD for the explosion of the Su-57, are covered.


This video demonstrates just how fast VFX artists working for the Asylum have to move through a VFX shot in order to keep pace with the incredibly tight production schedules of that LightWave3D centric, Hollywood production company, and VFX studio. In just under 4 hours, this title takes through practically all the steps needed to get a shot ready to render.

A brief side trip into LightWave 2020.0.3 is featured in this 20-video segmented title, to demonstrate how to pull assets and a scene into that version and how almost everything other than textures on geometry due to material differences under the new lighting/shading and rendering system, translates over 1:1. (It’s super easy).

This is essentially a pure LightWave3D tutorial and even if you don’t have TurbulenceFD (yet), you will get a lot of benefits out of this title.

Partial Assets are included, but do to the commercial nature of the two jet fighters, those have been omitted. However, using the concepts found in this video you can drop in just about anything as a substitute! Blow up BSG models, Trek stuff, B5, Starwars stuff, you name it. Follow along and learn the fundamentals and then take your own vision to new heights.

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