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ViC-B1 Retro Robot Model Kit STL Download [dwb]
Meet ViC-B1, your multi-functional household robot and new best friend! Whether it’s helping with chores or just keeping you company, this mechanical marvel does it all! Okay, it’s just a simple-to-assemble 3D printed resin model kit that brings to mind some retro-futuristic robot designs. This is a .zip file with several .stl files in it including separate pieces both with and without supports for resin printers. Notice: This is NOT a toy! This contains small parts that could be a choking hazard and is breakable. This is for personal, non-commercial use. If you would like to produce these for others for money, contact us and we will work out a deal. DOWNLOAD STL files for 3D Printing Includes pre-supported version for resin 3D printers Stands about 3 inches tall with the full canopy and antenna Not a toy – Contains small parts and can be delicate. Please note, this product was designed and produced for 3D Printing. While you could load the stl files into animation/rendering software there are no textures included. Furthermore, the license prohibits resale and distribution of the files, selling completed models (without first contacting dwburman), and using this as a main or speaking character in any digital media.
Price: $6.99
Mechanical/Pixel Displays Bundle [dwb]
Mechanical/Pixel Displays Bundle [dwb]
Mechanical and Pixel Displays in LightWave Bundle! Save $$ when you purchase Mechanical Displays 1 & 2 and Pixel Displays together. Learn how to move instances and parts of objects with texture maps using built-in tools and DP-Kit's part move In Mechanical Displays 1 & 2. Learn how to light up or color whole instances or parts of objects using textures in Pixel Displays!
Price: $45.05
Price: $38.25
Pixel Displays [dwb]
In this tutorial for LightWave 3D, Dana W. Burman shows how to build and animate "pixel displays" using Denis Pontonnier's DP_Filter and DP_Kit plugins. He starts with explaining concepts relevant to these projects, shows how to set up the surface of instanced blocks using DP_Filter's Replace Spot to color their surface, and follows it up with expanding on the technique to specific use scenarios including LCD pixel with separate red green and blue channels, LED displays, to using the technique on parts (connected polygons) and instances attached to moving particles, and he shows how this technique can be used in projects other than "displays". He ends with an overview on setting up each display so it can be moved around in your scene as well as a few different ways to parent objects in Layout.

For more information visit the product page.

This tutorial makes heavy use of instancing and therefore would be best used with LW 11 and up.

Digital Download: 720MB Total Running Time is 2 hours 47 minutes +

Price: $16.15
Mechanical Displays 2: Part Move [dwb]
In this tutorial for LightWave 3D, Dana W. Burman shows how to build and animate a mechanical display with irregularly shaped panels using Denis Pontonnier's DP Kit Part Move plugin. Along the way he covers some simple modeling techniques, surfacing with the node editor, and using Part Move in animation and texturing. He also demonstrates a couple of other mechanical display scenes which are also included in the tutorial files.

For more information visit the product page.

Most of this tutorial should be able to be done in LightWave 9.6 and up with the exception of a few of the modeling tools used which were added in 11.5, and the .mdd baking tools used. We did not check the LightWave 9 or 10 versions of DP Kit to see if they have the functionality used in this tutorial.

Digital Download: 648MB Total Running Time is 2 hours 11 minutes

Price: $16.15
Space Toon: Volume One [dwb]

Space Toon: Volume One is a project-based tutorial that takes you from scratch to a retro-cartoon inspired shot using LightWave 11.5. This covers creating the environment, modeling the planet, wreckage and space fighters. Particular attention is given to the Node Editor for object edges - a new feature in LightWave 11.5.

Video run time is approximately 4hr 30 min

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Price: $25.45
Mechanical Displays in LightWave 11 [dwb]

Mechanical displays use moving parts to display an image. In the case of this project, the image is made by the tilting of little wooden tiles. This set of videos covers building this project from the ground up including modeling, texturing (both basic and Node-Based), instancing, and using an image sequence to animate the instances. This is not an in-depth study of any one area/tool in LightWave and little time is spent covering features and options that are not actually used in this project.

TRT: 4 hours 20 minutes

UPDATE: This product now includes a free bonus tutorial: Mechanical Displays: Morph, which shows how to set up and animate a morph-based mechanical display that will work LightWave 9 and up.

Price: $12.75
Understanding Gradients in LightWave [dwb]

In this course, D.W. Burman unlocks the power of LightWave's gradient systems by demonstrating all of the various gradient types found in LightWave and by showing example scenes that use gradients. This course starts at a fairly basic level, but is geared toward people who have some experience using LightWave.

4hr 17min of video training.

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Price: $14.99
Digital Bullet Hits Bundle [dwb]
Digital Bullet Hits Bundle [dwb]
Save $$ when you buy the Digital Bullet Hits LightWave tutorials together. This Bundle includes: Creating a Squib Line, Bullet Holes in a Metal Door Part One , & Bullet Holes in a Metal Door Part Two
Price: $40.08
Price: $28.90
Digital Bullet Hits: Bullets in a Metal Door 2 [dwb]

Part Two of the Bullet Holes in a Metal Door tutorial picks up where part one left off by adding sparks and smoke (particle emitters), the interior of the hangar (very simple modeling), and making a couple of variations on the project. Project files are included so you can follow along even if you don't have Part One.

Video run time is 1hr 55 min

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Price: $11.90
Digital Bullet Hits: Bullets in a Metal Door 1 [dwb]

This project based video tutorial for Lightwave 9 and up covers the basics of image sequences and the Image Editor, gapped image sequences, node-based surfacing, simple sub-division and polygonal modeling, and image-based deformations.

Video run time is 2hr 40 min

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Price: $15.30
Digital Bullet Hits: Creating a Squib Line [dwb]

This value-packed project-based tutorial from Dana Burman teaches you how to use LightWave's particle system and HyperVoxel sprites to simulate bullets from a machine gun hitting the ground. Several techniques are used in building this scene including front projection mapping, controlling transparency with weight maps, adding and editing particle emitters, using collision objects to trigger particles, setting up HyperVoxel sprites, converting curves to motion paths, and more.

Video run time is 1hr 53 min

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Price: $13.60