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September, 2012


Xpolygon release high-quality nurnie packs

A very polished library of over 1100 high-detail nurnies has recently been released by company XPolygon. At a great introductory price of only $99 for each pack (X1 and X2) or $169 for the lot, this is an investment for all sci-fi fans and those wanting more assets to use with Quadpanels (or just the right excuse to warrant purchasing it from Fantastic resource for all with tight deadlines to meet. Website :

Digital Domain going down.

Once an incredibly powerful VFX company, originally founded by James Cameron in the early 90s – Digital Domain had for years been at the forefront of film, TV and game graphics(cinematic cut scenes) work. A few years back they tossed out LightWave3D from all operations and went to a completely “Maya/Houdini/Nuke” pipeline. Now they are on the the brink of bankruptcy.  You know those tools that everyone says are awesome and you have to learn and use if you want a “job” in this industry?? Well guess what –  theyRead More

Iron Sky finally in Vancouver!

Iron Sky is finally playing in Vancouver, Canada. We encourage everyone to go and see it and have a look at our LightWave VFX team’s work on the big screen! It has 4 dates at the Vancouver International Film Center Theater. Tickets are cheap too! 12 bucks! (*Look for the purchase link below!) Screening Times are as follows! (Go to the opening show you silly kats! I will be there 🙂 ) Friday, September 7, 10:15pm Saturday, September 8, 10:15pm Friday, September 21, 10:15pm Saturday, September 22, 10:15pm Buy ticketsRead More

Rebel Hill Training Added to Liberty3d!

Rebel Hill has joined forces with us here at and now you can access his training videos though us as well. Currently only a few products are listed, but more will be added shortly as we help him to place his product library on the site. Up first for offering this week is his RH Nodal Fundamentals video series. This series is over 11 hours of detailed explanations of all of the different nodal editor areas found in LightWave3D and also includes project based tutorials on the various practicalRead More