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Free scripts – just in time for Christmas!

Recently there’s been a rash of uploaded free scripts for artists to use and learn from. Its these types of freely released resources that makes the online community so great! Just recently, Kevman3D released two collections of scripts he’s developed over the years for users to dissect, update and use in their own projects. Here are the links: Collection 01 Collection 02 Enjoy.

Free Video : How to use Virtual Studio tools in LW11.6

If you are unfamiliar with LightWave’s Virtual Studio Tools – the ability to capture live performance (think Mocap, Virtual cinematography, physically “driving” a vehicle and storing the animation for rendering, etc) – or you’ve just plain avoided that “complicated” looking system altogether, then here is a nice simple introduction to just how easy it is to set up and use. In this example, a USB Joystick is used – but the virtual studio allows any HID (Human Interface Device) that the system will recognize to be read and used. (ObviouslyRead More

Lightwrapping in LightWave – compositing techniques

Lightwrapping is the process of wrapping the background plate around the edges of elements composited on top of it. The effect is to help the foreground elements better integrate with the amount of light from behind them, and is a common practise in compositing with green-screened actors or other VFX related elements. Liberty3D citizen, Kevin Phillips, has produced a great video that explains the process of creating a Lightwrap and applying it directly into your renders within LightWave, or rendering the effect out for compositing later with an editing package.Read More

db&w – Siggraph 2013 plugin sale…

From the 21st July to 31st of July 2013, db&w – the developers of the Shadermeister, Infinimap, frameD and the extremely popular exrShader plugins – will be offering a special discount on their tools to celebrate the event. Use the code SIGGRAPH2013 – but not until 21st July. A great chance to get hold of some of the best plugins for LightWave. For those of you also visiting Siggraph in Anaheim this year, the LightWave 3D Group will be giving away db&w t-shirts as well as licenses of db&w’s pluginsRead More

Free video : Ground fog using 11.5’s new fog textures

It didn’t take long before the videos showing off what LightWave 11.5 tools can do started to appear on Youtube, including a couple of videos from Liberty3d citizen Kevin Phillips, showing how a few of the new tools helped value add and enhance his workflow with a German WW2 fighter plane. Check them out below: Creating ground fog using the new Textured Fog color feature in LW11.5 Creating dropped undercarriage using LW11.5’s new modeler tools

World Machine Foundations – Creating amazing terrains!

Liberty3D presents World Machine Foundations, a series of training videos that introduce the core tools and techniques required for getting started creating your own terrain with the excellent World Machine software! World Machine can create amazing results – from advanced procedural textures to industry quality erosion system, its a tool you should consider for generating amazing landscapes for your projects.

Larry Shultz passes away – The loss of a community icon

It is with immense sadness that we have to announce that Larry Shultz died early this morning around 4:00am NZST. As many would have known, Larry has been seriously ill for some time now, however this never really seemed to place much of a damper on his jovial personality. It is a huge loss for everybody. Our hearts and prayers are with his family at this time…

Xpolygon release high-quality nurnie packs

A very polished library of over 1100 high-detail nurnies has recently been released by company XPolygon. At a great introductory price of only $99 for each pack (X1 and X2) or $169 for the lot, this is an investment for all sci-fi fans and those wanting more assets to use with Quadpanels (or just the right excuse to warrant purchasing it from Fantastic resource for all with tight deadlines to meet. Website :

Fanboy Combo

We hope you don’t want fries with this one, cause the only fries you’ll get are Prawns on the BBQ. For those who’ve thought over buying this set of training, you can now purchase all 3 parts (modelling, UV mapping and texture painting) as one item, and also at a much cheaper price then buying each part individually! With over 14 hours of video, and loaded with additional materials – model sheets, texture images, adobe brushes, and of course the 3D model file (in 5 file formats) – this projectRead More

Fanboy District 9-inspired texture mapping

The final stage in the Inspired by District 9 inspired Fanboy project is finally here…

Artist Chat : Abiogenesis with Richard Mans

Abiogenesis is about to make its worldwide premiere onto the international film circuit. We talk to the artist about this amazing short film project.

FanBoy Series 2 – UV Unwrapping

Its finally here! Part two of the Fanboy Series (Inspired by District 9) training teaches you the basics of unwrapping this complex model into a useable and well laid-out UV for painting up that scratched up paint, wear and tear!

Create video game sprites using LightWave 10

If you’ve ever been keen on creating 2D arcade-style video games yourself, then let Kevin Phillips (aka Kevman3D) show you how LightWave 10 and open source tools make it easy to get started!

58 High Quality Skies and Clouds

Need clouds and skies for your project? Check out this new product in the Liberty3D Store, along with more products in the Textures section.

Project Messiah and LightWave pipeline

The insanely good $10 Dare to Share deal for a full license of the excellent Project Messiah Studio is getting very close to meeting its goal, so you may only have a short time left to get this deal before the price goes back to normal. If you’re a LightWave user and wondered just why you’d want to purchase an external 3rd party tool for animation, then Liberty3D citizen Kevin Phillips has produced a quick little demo showing how Messiah and LightWave interconnect to provide a great animation production pipeline!Read More

Project Messiah : Viral Sales deal!

Project Messiah, a fantastic character animation system, is currently doing a viral marketing campaign and offering their tools up at the ridiculous price of only $10 (Basic) and $40 (Pro) for their tools. Usually priced between $499 to $1195, these tools are incredibly cheap – and with its powerful character rigging, dynamics, hair  and animation toolset, along with integration with applications such as LightWave3D, Maya, SoftImage, Cinema4D and more – You’d be crazy to not take advantage of this amazing application!

TreesDesigner gets an update.

Plugin developer Pawel Olas has recently updated a few of his excellent tools for LightWave 9.6 and 64 bit LightWave.  In particular, his revolutionary TreeDesigner tool has had an update, having the separate LeavesGenerator tool now integrated and added as part of the tool itself. Also updated are Smartmorph, a powerful morph animation toolset that adds grouping, non-linear morphing, driven-key and texture control to the way that morphs are animated in Layout.  RandomCloner is also now updated in 64-bit.

Fanboy Series – Inspired by District 9

Yet another great product has been added to the growing library here on Liberty3D, with the first title of Kevman3D’s FanBoy series – creating a weapon inspired by the film District 9.

Celshading training – Price dropped!

Kevin Phillips training product that shows some creative approaches to celshading in LightWave using a variety of surfacing techniques has now dropped to only US$9.99. Read the post to learn more…

All I want for Christmas is this big bang-stick!

All I want for Christmas...

Announcing an upcoming training product from citizen Kevin Phillips – Over 5 hours of training showing how to build a weapon inspired by the fantastic film District 9. Read the post to learn more…