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Fanboy District 9-inspired texture mapping

If you’ve been one of those who’ve followed the previous two products in this District 9-inspired weapon modelling project, then this final product takes the project to completion with photo-realistic texture mapping.

For those who haven’t done the previous two videos, the 3D object is included (in 5 file formats) with the training so that anybody can follow along!

Kevin Phillips covers the whole process from start to finish using Adobe Photoshop, as well as LightWave 3D. All assets needed for the project are included, with not only a library of 86 texture/grunge image maps and a set of grunge brushes for Photoshop – but the 3D model in 5 formats.

You’re not a LightWave artist? No worries – you can also enjoy this training as long as your 3D software supports OBJ, 3DS, DAE or FBX format files! (the model’s been tested and loads in Maya 2011) With a lot of the training related to image creation, you can follow along with the painting process to create outstanding texture maps for this very cool weapon design.
Note : This product is an approximate 1.1Gb download in 3 files, available immediately after purchase.


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