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May, 2021


LightWave3D 2020.0.3 Released!

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Ok, so we called it in our newsletter this past weekend and sure enough, NewTek has released a patch update in the form of LightWave3D 2020.0.3. While this is not some huge massive update, it does kill one massive show stopping bug that never should have slipped past the so-called “beta” team last summer with the release of LightWave3D 2020.0.2. That bug, is the play head “infinite loop” issue where in certain circumstances lightwave layout would go into a locked state on the initiation of the play head button. ThisRead More

It’s time for our 11th Anniversary sale at! Get 35% off!

When we started over a decade ago, we knew that this would be a long term commitment to the LightWave3D community. It has been our pleasure and honor to do what we have been doing for 11 years. This year we are giving back with a big 35% off  almost everything in the store from our artists and programmers. Simple use the coupon code: L3D11thAnniversary when you check out of our store system and get 35% off your purchases. Included in the sale are many bundles that have been soRead More