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LightWave3D 2020.0.3 Released!

Ok, so we called it in our newsletter this past weekend and sure enough, NewTek has released a patch update in the form of LightWave3D 2020.0.3. While this is not some huge massive update, it does kill one massive show stopping bug that never should have slipped past the so-called “beta” team last summer with the release of LightWave3D 2020.0.2. That bug, is the play head “infinite loop” issue where in certain circumstances lightwave layout would go into a locked state on the initiation of the play head button. This bug made it impossible to stop playback and thus required you to kill the application in windows task manager, and thus if you didn’t save before hand, losing you work entirely. The other thing that I personally appreciate is the update to the LightWave3D to Unreal Bridge so as to support Unreal Engine 4.26. This is kind of a bigger deal than anything else for me at least as I’m in the process of setting up a rather large facility to do virtual production with Unreal and LightWave3D. 
Neither of these issues impacts Mac users at this time, but it will be interesting to see if NewTek does another future release to shift the product onto the new ARM processors that Apple is now using in their current hardware generation products.

For now, all I can say is that I am grateful that we have at least this for the moment while efforts to address the over all state and future of LightWave3D continue on multiple fronts.

You can download the update now in your accounts!

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