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October, 2019


It’s time for our 9th Annual Halloween sale!

We love Halloween without a doubt. This year we are getting our fright-night on with 25% off almost everything in the store. Use the coupon code: SpookyL3DHalloween2019Sale at check out and get that discount today and enjoy lots of neat CG and VFX tricks and treats. Here are some great new products for you to check out! Lightwave 2019/2018 (12 Volume Series) Get the latest in this series! Modeler Tools IV Modeler Tools III     Or check out the massive bundle which includes all 12 volumes! LIGHTWAVE 2019 BUNDLERead More

LightWave 2019 Bundle Pack I- Volumes #1 to #12 (+Bonus Content & Tutorials)

This Lightwave video bundle includes: LightWave 2018- Volumes #1-Getting Started I LightWave 2018- Volumes #2-Getting Started II LightWave 2018- Volumes #3-Getting Started III LightWave 2018- Volumes #4-Surfacing I LightWave 2019- Volumes #5-VDB Creation Tools I-Basics LightWave 2019 -Volume #6-VDB Creation Tools II- Basics LightWave 2019 -Volume #7-Volumetrics I LightWave 2019 -Volume #8-UV Mapping I LightWave 2019 -Volume #9-Modeler Tools I LightWave 2019 -Volume #10-Modeler Tools II LightWave 2019 -Volume #11-Modeler Tools III LightWave 2019 -Volume #12-Modeler Tools IV Mega Dinosaur Pack-40 Dinosaur 3D Models (Reg. Price $49.95 US) Environment MapRead More

New!! LightWave 2019- Volume #12- Modeler Tools IV

In this twelfth volume of the Lightwave 2019/2018 (12 Volume Series) 3D Instructor Adam Gibson continues to introduce Modeler’s powerful toolset. A great place to start for beginner LightWave Users. Table of Contents Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- Goto Tool Chapter 3- Zoom-In & Zoom-Out (Orthagonal & Perspective Views) Chapter 4- Zoom Area Tool Chapter 5- Magnify Viewport Tool Chapter 6- Pan Viewport Tool Chapter 7- Hide Selected & Unhide Chapter 8- Triple Tool Chapter 9- Mirror Tool Chapter 10- Mirror X Chapter 11- Mirror Y Chapter 12- Mirror ZRead More

Kats Flash Sale! – 40% off Kat’s tutorials and packs! Extended until the 18th!

For a limited time only, Kat is having a flash sale where you can get all of his goodies for 40% off. This flash sale runs from October 11th (today) until Friday, October 18th, 2019. Use the coupon code: KatsFlashSale2019 and get 40% off instantly when you check out! Don’t miss out on this one. It includes bundles as well. Here are some great choices for those of you wanting to grab these products at a massive discount. Iron Sky Iron Sky Model and Scene Pack Vol. Three Fusion ForRead More

Pricing plan also released.

LwCad 2018.3 For LightWave3D now available!

The latest LwCad 2018.3 for LightWave was just released! We are not the only ones up to something. Viktor over at WTools who is of course the maker of LwCad has just released an update and an upgrade/pricing path you will for sure want to check out across the board. We may just have to up the ante here shortly. It’s great to see all this awesome 3rd party development activity return to LightWave3D after a decade well… Anyway, cool stuff for sure from Viktor. Make sure to check outRead More

New!! LightWave 2019- Volume #11- Modeler Tools III

In this eleventh volume of the LightWave 2019/2018 (12 Volume Series) 3D Instructor Adam Gibson continues to introduce LightWave’s powerful modeling tools. A great place to start for beginner LightWave Users. Table of Contents Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- Spray Points Tool (Part One) Chapter 3- Spray Points Tool (Part Two) Chapter 4- Add Center Point Chapter 5- Pen Tool Chapter 6- Rest on Ground Chapter 7- Drag Tool Chapter 8- Tweak Tool (Part One) Chapter 9- Tweak Tool (Part Two) Chapter 10- Transform Tool Chapter 11- Dragnet Tool ChapterRead More

LightForge Beta Testing – UPDATE!

UPDATE! We need a few more people to help test specific areas and functions of LightForge to ensure “conformity” inside and out. If you are interested please contact me. It would really be awesome if those who step forwardo are if at all possible, north american based (west coat preferred) and well versed in LightWave3D’s  plug-in menu system.   At this time we have started Beta Testing of a top secret project known only as “LightForge”. If you wish to get in on the beta testing, please contact forRead More