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It’s time for our 9th Annual Halloween sale!

We love Halloween without a doubt. This year we are getting our fright-night on with 25% off almost everything in the store. Use the coupon code: SpookyL3DHalloween2019Sale at check out and get that discount today and enjoy lots of neat CG and VFX tricks and treats.

Did you know that Michael Myers mask is actually of Star Trek’s “Capt. Kirk”- William Shatner?

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How about some awesome and easy to use Mocap for your Halloween experience this year?

Check out the latest developments from our very on Chilton Webb on GlyconVR

 Imagine having your own high precision motion capture system that’s as easy to use as a video game, requires no additional setup, and that can instantly export BVH and FBX files. That’s what Glycon is. Glycon uses your VR rig as a powerful motion capture platform, for games and animations. It mixes your movements with a full body IK system, and exports BVH and FBX files from that.

Glycon has some huge changes
in the works for SteamVR users. 
In this demo, I’ve added full motion tracking for
Valve Knuckles and Index controllers.
SteamVR Demo  (Win)
SteamVR Demo (Mac)
Other demos – see farther down the page
Blender can easily import Glycon BVH animations
with just a few mouse clicks. Here we’ll start with an
Oculus Quest and import the animation
directly into Blender. 
Also, here are some of the
exported files from the session:
Glycon enables fluid, effortless motion capture over a very
large distance, using Multi-room tracking
 on an Oculus Quest
Glycon features a range of inverse kinematic tools and
posing features that will allow you to create elegant, perfect
bespoke animations.
Unreal Editor 4 lets you build some of the
best looking graphics in the industry. With Glycon,
you can instantly import an enhanced rig into
UE4, perfect for character movement, NPC actions,
cut scenes, and more!
Glycon now has a few stand-in props for
swords and guns, with more expandability
on the way!
Glycon instantly exports FBX files that are
100% compatible with Unity’s Mechanim system!
This makes it easier than ever to record
and use your own animations in your games
and simulations!
Glycon supports multiple Vive trackers for even
more precise moves. Use our unique
Tracking Mannequin to tell Glycon where your
trackers are, and away you go!
It’s Fast.  So Very, Very Fast.Glycon takes about 5 seconds to open, depending on your system. Once it’s on, you’re literally a click away from recording motion capture. No Suit Required Nothing to keep clean, no balls to lose, nothing to worry about ripping. You just use your headset and hand controllers. That means you can even record motion capture in your favorite undies. Hand Gestures Unlike most mocap solutions, Glycon animations have hand gestures. Currently we support 4 gestures: point, open hand, pinch, and making a fist. We have 21 gestures in the hopper though, and will be supporting all of them soon!
Requires Very Little RoomIt uses your existing VR boundaries. This means you can just get to work recording mocap instead of needing a separate mocap area. It also means you can record new mocap while you’re sitting at your desk! Exports Industry Standard FBX Glycon exports text based FBX files. We go to great lengths to make sure our files are compatible with the final platform you’ll be using. Here’s an example FBX file from August 13th, 2019. Room Scale Tracking If you have a third Oculus camera or an HTC Vive, you can now freely move around your scene, and your location will also be added to the FBX file, making it easy to record larger scale animations.
Roadmap – What fun is the future if it’s not real weird? Here’s where we’d like to take Glycon in the coming weeks… Virtual Sets – Implemented in Build 10 – these let you build your own sets using proxy objects, then export them for a perfect match to your recordings. Teleprompter – So you can remember what it is you were going to say, or what your lines were, when you have your headset on. Multiple Vive Trackers – Implemented in Build 9 Support for Valve Knuckles – Implemented in Build 11 Out of Box support for Maya – Implemented in Build 11 Out of Box support for Motion Builder – Implemented in Build 11 Out of Box support for Blender – Implemented in Build 11 Out of Box support for iClone – Implemented in Build 18 – Requires 3DXchange pipeline Out of Box support for UE4 – Implemented in Build 24 Out of Box support for Cinema4D – Implemented in Build 21 – Make sure you use FBX and bind your character to the default t-pose. Out of Box support for Modo – Implemented in Build 11 Oculus Quest support – Sideloading on Oculus Quest is available now for Pro and Elite users! Enhanced and editable IK – Added in build 28 Props – Added sword and gun in build 26, with more to come! Suitcases, guns, poles, swords, knives, turkey legs, joysticks, and pretty much anything else people suggest. These will be items you can pick up and interact with, in the virtual world. Import Your own props – Coming Soon! Import any OBJ file as your own set. More hand gestures – Coming Soon! Currently we support 4 hand gestures. We have a library of 21 though. We’ll be including them as soon as we have a UI that will let you assign them. Animation Playback – Coming Soon! You will be able to play back your animation and even interact with another avatar playing back the animation! Multi-User Recording – Coming Soon! Record mocap with your friend in the next room or on the next continent! Audio Recording And Tracking – Coming Soon! Obviously you’d like some music to go with that fancy dancin’. Or maybe you’d like to record your speech along with your mocap. Well, we can do that. We will do that. We’ll even throw in an extra bone in the FBX head that will go along with that audio, so you can quickly and effortlessly animate skeletons or other characters like that.
Glycon Demo Glycon Indie Glycon Quest Glycon Pro Glycon Elite
This has all of the same features, but does not save animations. Everything else is the same. Take it for a spin! You will receive the current build and the next update. Who knows what will be in the next update. It’s a gamble, really. But if you need it right now, and this is all you need, here ya go. This is a version of Glycon that can be sideloaded on an Oculus Quest! Until we are in the Oculus Store, this is the only way to use Glycon on a Quest This gets you the all updates for the 1.x development cycle, plus the Oculus Quest side-load edition. Since we aren’t even at 1.0 yet, buckle up for a long ride. This covers the current version of Glycon and all future versions of Glycon, for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a motion capture suit.
Glycon Mac SteamVR Glycon Win SteamVR Glycon Win Oculus Rift Glycon Oculus Quest
  If you want to upgrade your Glycon Indie account to a Glycon Pro account ($59), click here:
If you want to upgrade your Glycon Pro account to a Glycon Elite account ($310), click here:

If you’re wondering what kind of quality you can expect, here is an unaltered FBX files I created during one of the most recent livestream sessions: Example   If you use Oculus Medium and you export an FBX file with vertex colors, you can use this shader in Unity to see them! Printable STL files can be found here: If you need to get in touch with me, email me at chiltonwebb at gmail dot com, or use our Facebook link (   Note: If you’re looking for our recommendations for VR headsets, we currently recommend the HTC Vive. Once you’re familiar with its use, you can order additional Vive trackers to perform full body motion capture!  

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