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Glycon – VR Motion Capture

Glycon VR Motion Tracking System 

Glycon makes it easy to animate and export animations into 3D programs like LightWave3D and Unity

Imagine having your own high precision motion capture system that’s as easy to use as a video game, requires no additional setup (beyond what you already have), and that can instantly export an FBX or HMOT file. That’s what Glycon is. Put on your VR headset and controllers, and record your animation. It saves immediately to a file you can use in any 3D program. Benefits of Glycon over traditional motion capture: 1. Dirt cheap. Mocap suits usually cost thousands of dollars. Glycon costs a fraction of that, and uses your existing VR equipment. 2. Fast. Some mocap suits claim to take “as little as 10 minutes” to set up, while Glycon takes seconds. Put on the headset and hand controllers and you’re done! You can be in and out of a mocap session several times in less time than it will take to put on a mocap suit. 3. Convenient. Glycon can work in the smallest of spaces while sitting at your desk or in a cramped office. Anywhere you can set up your VR rig, you can use Glycon. 4. Easy. Once you’re wearing your VR headset, simply click a few buttons to start and stop recording, and to save out your file. 5. Popular Formats. Out of the box, we’ll support HMOT and FBX, which should let you easily add your animations to characters in any environment that supports FBX. Note: This is a pre-release product. As an early adopter, you will get immediate access to the first beta version as soon as that is available, free updates for the life of the product, and you’ll help decide what features should be added to the final product. You’ll also get access to new features the second they’re available. Here’s a video of it in use…   For a limited time only Glycon will cost $99. Once the first beta ships, the price will go up to $399.

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10 Comments to Glycon – VR Motion Capture

  1. Kevin says:

    When will the beta release be available?

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi there!
    Will this do full body mo-cap either now or in the future ie: walking, jumping etc or is it mainly hands and upper body per the above vid?

    + Any likelihood that you’ll be looking at facial capture at some point in the distant future? ie: where audio/voice could be synced to the movement of lips etc

    Many thanks

    • Chilton Webb says:


      We do plan to allow more trackers to be added to the HTC Vive version for full body tracking. For now though, it’s upper body only.

      Since the big clunky headset is obscuring your face, that gets tricky. But we are exploring audio tracking and synching it to a bone that will reside in the head of the animation, to make it easier to synch things up. (and to do creepy skeletons that talk)


  3. Stephen says:

    Sounds Good – thanks!

  4. richard hagen says:

    I bought it but was wondering if WMR support is included.. or forthcoming?

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