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Black Friday (weekend too!) special – 40% off almost all stuffs and things! Check out the DeepFX world bundle!

It’s Black Friday (Weekend!) 40% off most stuffs and things plus a new kinda deal in town!

That’s right. We decided to do a Black Friday special. Kinda rare here so take advantage of it. Get 40% off your purchase on most items in the store until Monday! USE THE CODE: L3DBFChaos2018 (Please note that not all store products are applicable this time around, sorry…) BUTTTTT, it gets better because we make up for that small little hitch, this is more than just a black friday thing or “sale”. We  have another awesome new promo. No waiting, no lists. Get it now buy doing what you are probably going to do anyway when we have a sale this big. Grab some stuff and if you spend enough, you get a big discount on something. This time around, more awesome tools! and have teamed up again but instead of a group buy-in, we are trying out a new way to put tools on special pricing. We are calling it “FuzzyMath Deals” here at L3D and this one rocks. Here is how it works! Any customer who spends more than $50.00USD dollars in a single purchase from our store at from now until November 31st will be given a coupon on a special bundle from DeepRisingFX where you will get 50 dollars off the price of the Colorida and the VDB Splicer bundle on Normally these would cost 50 bucks each! Now you can get them for both for just 50 bucks (plus applicable tax)! That’s totally fuzzy math. Totally. Like… static cling fuzzy. Customers who make any qualifying purchase (spending 50 bucks or more)  on our site until the 31st of November, will be sent a coupon code from us, especially for them to use on the bundle at the website. Keep in mind that we have to issue these codes manually, so be patient. Now how kick ass is that? Pretty kick ass. Now then, have you checked out some of our latest products? More stuff is on the way. Sadly, Kat is snowed under (literally, he landed an emergency christmas movie VFX gig, but he will be back. You betcha bottom Sarah Conner). ATTN: AR Portfolio Users! There is a new update to AR Portfolio, so check your secret page for details! Remember to use that code: L3DBFChaos2018

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2 Comments to Black Friday (weekend too!) special – 40% off almost all stuffs and things! Check out the DeepFX world bundle!

  1. Kevin says:

    Is there a discount code to enter?

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