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AR Portfolio Roadmap

AR Portfolio Roadmap and Pricing Update Today marks the two year anniversary of AR Portfolio’s development cycle, and around 9 months as a public product. AR Portfolio started as an unnamed attempt to create a next generation augmented reality pipeline for private venues, and matured into a powerful, fast, and artist-centric platform for augmented reality on multiple platforms. As the product has matured, hundreds of apps have been created across multiple domains, and the roadmap has forked a few times, as well. As of today, AR Portfolio’s capabilities are on par with most other high end augmented reality systems, while the workflow is more artist-centric, not watermarked or branded, local to your devices, tested continuously, and not restricted by company size or number of units sold, or any of the other limitations found on other AR platforms. I tend to push updates out within a few days of bugs being found, while some of the other platforms haven’t addressed bugs they introduced over 6 months ago. My vision for the product was to create a simple way to let artists create an “Augmented Reality Portfolio”. Thus, the clever name. But we’re way past that now. Going forward, the new features of AR Portofolio greatly exceed the original scope and end user product goals, which I believe have been met in this latest version. You’ve probably seen a few videos of more advanced features I’ve been working on, and some of that will be rolled into future AR Portfolio releases. Other, more advanced concepts will be rolled into a new product, and I’ll post more details on that later. But I wanted to give everyone a heads-up on an upcoming price jump. I am increasing the price on November 15 2018, to $1499.00. This price is equivalent to what you’d spend buying a similarly unrestricted license from some of the competing products, only that ours doesn’t watermark your content or require that you keep your content in our cloud. Current users will continue to get free updates to maintain compatibility with OS updates and toolset updates, for the foreseeable future. Click Here for More Information about AR Portfolio  

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