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Jeremy Hughes

Jeremy Hughes has been working in the film and interactive marketing world for over 10 years. Within that time, he has worked in preproduction on numerous projects with companies ranging from Cosmic Productions to MTV to Lightstorm Entertainment. Jeremy is an experienced director where he has worked on numerous commercial, web and music video projects for clients including WB Records, EMI, Sony, P&G among others. He has extensive post experience in editing and VFX, much of it in Lightwave, After Effects and Fusion. He is also a major gear head and has a real passion for low-budget filmmaking. Blog: Twitter: jeremyhughes77 Work: WHAT TO EXPECT IN MY VIDEOS My goal in these videos is to give you an idea of how I approach the VFX in the filmmaking process. The processes I follow are not all going to be industry standards or big-shop safe. I’m a director and filmmaker first. Many of the more creative projects I’ve gotten to work on are low to no-budget productions that are a blast to do but take a lot of love with not a lot on your team. That’s what I’m trying to bring in these videos. The process I follow to get it done in that kind of setting when you’re wearing multiple hats. Whether you are a one-man-band or working without a lot to go on, there are ways to make it great and enjoy the process. Hopefully, you get that from the projects and they go a long way in helping you fill in those blanks! Check out all of our Fusion training including Jeremy’s videos.
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