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EmberGen Preset Packs

Katnadoes for Embergen
Oh no! It's a Katnado! Well, a bunch of Embergen based Tornadoes from VFX Artist Kelly "Kat" Myers, created for the Asylum film "The Twisterz" (TBD). In this package you get all the tornadoes that Kat created for the film plus the work up files and "bonus bits" VFX artists will need to create their own tornadoes ranging from an simple twister up into F4 category. Ground dust, base swirls, funnel clouds are all included.
Price: $18.99
Kats Embergen Presets Vol. 1 - Ground Explosions
Here is a nice collection of Embergen Presets ready to use and learn from, created by Kat! 50 Ground burst style explosions in themes ranging from IEDs, Carbombs, Javelin Strikes and more. A few of these have been used in Feature Films for the Asylum, including Transmorphers: Mechabeasts. All these presets were created on a GTX-1080Ti and as a result should load and go without too much trouble on any class of graphics card equal to that or above. In some cases, the volume area (Simulation Block as labeled in each) may need to be increased in size in order to accommodate the full effect.
Price: $24.95