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October, 2014


Ryan Roye’s “Everything Bundle”

Want everything Ryan Roye has ever published on at a significant discount that can be used with coupon codes? This bundle is for you. Here’s what the bundle includes (click the links for video info on these products). Unreal Bridge for Lightwave Users ($65) Bullet Dynamics for Lightwave ($65) Current Rigging Concepts ($55) Intro to Python for Lightwave ($55) The Comprehensive Guide to IKBooster, parts 1 through 5 ($100 for both parts) Common Scenarios for Character Animators($35) Weapons FX in Lightwave($50) Cage and Lattice Workflows($65) The Syflex Workflow Guide($70)Read More

DDO for Lightwave Users- Volume #1 has just been Released!!

What is dDo?  dDo is an extremely powerful 3D texturing plugin for Adobe Photoshop used by top Video Game Companies and Movie Studios around the world. Imagine being able to detail your Sci-Fi and Industrial style models with adjustable rust, scratches, corrosion, water damage, dirt, leakage, dust, mud spattering, paint wear…and much more…all within a few seconds instead of spending hours and hours or weeks painting and tweaking texture maps by hand. The software also comes with a library of surfacing presets and the ability to create and save outRead More

Cage and Lattice Workflows by Ryan Roye

Cage and Lattice Workflows by Ryan Roye The video pretty much says it all. Power up with 3rd Powers! VIDEO DETAILS _____________________________ Video Runtime (all combined): Approx. 80 minutes Video Resolution: 1600×872 Subtitles: English (contact me at if you’d like to contribute subtitles in other languages) _____________________________ CONTENT COVERED IN VIDEO (paired with sample .LWS scenes) _____________________________ —- CAGE CONTENT Cage Deformer Introduction Cage Types Blob Setup (demonstration only) Enhancing Displacements (using Cages with dynamics) Facial Cages Spline Deforming Cages Cage Full Body Adjustment Rigs Assorted sample scenes forRead More

Texture Baking Volumes # I & 2 in 3D Coat Version 4

Learn to Bake Voxel Data like Color, Displacement, Normal and Voxel Shaders to texture map!!! 3D Instructor Adam Gibson goes through the step-by-step process of Baking Voxels to your models in a easy to understand tutorial designed for beginners. Approximately 3 hours of baking training. Click here to read more about these tutorials or to purchase

Learn How to Control the Polygon Flow of your 3D Models in 3D Coat Version 4!!

In this fourteenth video volume of 24 volumes 3D Instructor Adam Gibson introduces the 3D student to 3D Coat’s powerful Auto-Retopology Tools.  So why is Auto-Retopology a needed process?  The best 3D texture artists in the world know that in order to have flawless textures you need near perfect UV maps.  The problem is that with Organic Sub-D models a process called “Retopology” is usually needed to do that. But the other problem that lies within that is that “Manual Retopology” is just as time consuming as UV Mapping, ifRead More

Dinosaur Detailing in 3D Coat Version 4

Learn how to detail you monsters, critters and dinosaurs in 3D Coat Version 4!!   3D Coat 4.1- Volume #13-Dinosaur Detailing I-by Adam Gibson In this thirteenth video volume of 24 volumes 3D Instructor Adam Gibson goes through a fun project based tutorial on how to add detail through Normal and Displacement maps onto a Giganatosuarus dinosaur in 3D Coat Version 4.1. If your having problems getting your maps back into Lightwave the tips in this training will guide you to the results you want.  A great tutorial for beginners andRead More

3D Coat 4 MEGA Bundle- 17 Volumes of Training!!

This 3D Coat 4 Mega-Bundle contains 17 volumes of training covering everything you need to get started and productive using this powerful piece of software. Covers: Painting Color, Normal/Displacement Maps, Specular Maps, Import/Export to Lightwave 3D, Voxel Sculpting Tools, Alpha Brushes, Masking Tools, Texture Baking, Retopology Tools, Autoretopology and more!! Click here to view our Library of 3D Coat Products or to purchase this video bundle    

Practical Production Techniques Vol. 8 – TV/Film VFX – Capital Ship Combat Techniques

Kelly “Kat” Myers is back with another installment in the Practical Production Techniques series! In this installment, “Capital ship combat techniques” Kat walks you through the process of building out a shot using BattleStar Galactica style methods to pit Cylon Basestars against the Galactica herself with guns blazing along with missiles, flak shield effects, explosions and more. This video covers several unseen techniques from the show including the flak shield HV and PFX creation methods and demonstrates how the “big guns” on the Galactica were set up. Jammed packed withRead More