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In this section you will find training related to Daz Studio.
Buy 1 get 2 Free [RR]
Buy 1 get 2 Free [RR]
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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 10 - Project Smoke Monster [kat]
Practical Production Techniques Vol. 10 - Project Smoke Monster! Kat is back with another installment in the highly popular Practical Production Techniques series. In Volume 10, Kat walks you through an entire shot featuring a Daz3D character model, taking the asset from Daz3D into LightWave, surfacing it using the maps from the asset, setting it up with animation applied via MDD, transferring in TurbulenceFD settings from another scene, lighting the character using some nifty tricks for realism in a photographic plate and then compositing the rendered results in Fusion. With a runtime of almost 4.5 hours, this tutorial is jam-packed with lots of great tips and techniques pulled from Kat's experiences in production. The tutorial includes the rendered image files so you can follow along in the compositing process in Fusion or even AE and Nuke. You also get the scene files saved at every step along the way. Not included is the model which is a commercial asset but retails for 25 dollars on and can be easily substituted for a character of your own design or any other Daz Character you may have laying about.
Price: $29.95
Price: $24.95
LightWave 2015- Volume #11- Character Rigging for Beginners [AG]
This massive Character Rigging Course is designed specifically for beginner 3D students who have never rigged a character in Lightwave or any other 3D package. Basic rigging concepts and principles are shown to get you up and started fast allowing you to be able to easily pose and control your characters movements with Lightwave's powerful rigging toolset. In this highly detailed course a Human Biped Character will be rigged using Lightwave's traditional rigging toolset first and then using the Genoma 2 Bi-Ped Rig (Lightwave's Auto-Rigging System). Learn how to Use and Download 2 pieces of "Free Character Creation Software" so that you can build thousands of you own detailed characters of all shapes and sizes that you can export and use in your Lightwave projects. Topics: Preparing your Models, Traditional Rigging Tools, Genoma Rigging, Bone Tools, Skelegons, Weight Maps, Facial Morphs (Endomorphs), Export/Import of DAZ Studio Characters, Export/Import of Make Human Characters, Surface Editing, Character Creation in DAZ Studio/Make Human Software, Saving Rig Presets, Inverse Kinematics (IK), Arm/Foot/Head/Eye Controls, Muscle Flexing/Joint Compensation. Also learn how you can import and use beautiful DAZ 3D Characters in Lightwave 3D. *Note: This course is not recommended for advanced-level or experienced rigging artists. *Bonus: Content Folder Included containing Scene, Model files, and Printable Pin-Up Notes/Diagrams from the tutorials.
Price: $29.00
Daz3d to Lightwave Mocap Utility [RR]
This plugin/video content bundle provides users a way transport high quality daz3d models into Lightwave, and utilize the entire CMU motion capture database (free) in a single click.
Price: $39.95
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Instant 3D Turntable for LightWave Users [cw]
Build Instant 3D turntables and navigable rooms and buildings using the free version of Unity 5 and LightWave3D.
Price: $34.95
DAZ 3D Model Creation- The Dark Art [AG]
Would you like to Earn Money from Selling 3D Models on the Internet? If so, this video course is designed to teach you how to do just that. One of the largest 3D content market places on the internet is DAZ Studio is a "FREE" piece of 3D Software that you can download from that is used by thousands and thousands of people all over the world. Sounds complicated? Well don't worry in this course we will take you step-by-step on: Getting started with DAZ Studio UI (User Interface), Optimizing/Exporting Your Models for Import into DAZ, Converting/Adjusting your Models in DAZ Studio, Submission Guidelines, Dealing with the tricky DAZ File/Runtime(Texture) Folder Structure, Marketing and more!! Although this course is designed for anyone who wishes to create models for we will be using Lightwave 3D as our starting point demonstrate model/optimization and object file export. But once again the principles shown can be used in all other software packages to get your 3D models into DAZ Studio. *Please Note: Although this video tutorial is meant as a "Stand-Alone" Product it is also considered as Volume #5 of the "DDO for Lightwave Users" Series. Converting models and textures over to DAZ Studio for the purpose of Selling them on is part of the DDO series. Table of Contents for DAZ 3D Model Creation Chapter 1- Intro, Chapter 2- Basic DAZ Publishing Info Orientation, Chapter 3- DAZ UI (User Interface) Layouts and Menu Tabs, Chapter 4- IPR (Interactive Progressive Rendering) Image Preview, View Modes, Add Camera, Chapter 5- Draw Style Options Menu and Deleting Cameras, Chapter 6- Navigating View Modes (Pan, Orbit, Dolly Zoom, Frame Selection), Chapter 7- Item Selection and Transforms (Translation, Rotation, Scale), Chapter 8- Multiple Item Selection, Item Groups, Parenting Items, Chapter 9- Surface Selection Tool, Chapter 10- Item Duplication and Node Instances, Chapter 11- Create Primitives, Surfacing Primitives, Grouping Primitives, Chapter 12- Lights and Glowing Surfaces (Ambient Color and Strength), Chapter 13- Diffuse Color Vs Ambient Color (Glow Issue), Chapter 14- Rendering Product Images, Chapter 15- DAZ Content Library and Submission File Folder Structure, Chapter 16- Mesh Optimization (Tips on Triangles, Quads, Non-Planer Polys, UVs, and More), Chapter 17- FBX Export from Lightwave 3D and Proper UV Islands, Chapter 18- Import FBX into DAZ and Tweaking Surfaces, Chapter 19- Creating a Product Base Directory for your Files, Chapter 20- Runtime Texture Folder Structure Set-Up, Chapter 21- Setting Your Author/Artist Name in the Preferences Menu, Chapter 22- Props/Environments and Materials Folder Structure Creation, Chapter 23- Saving Prop Assets with Correct File Path and Settings, Chapter 24- Reassigning Texture File Paths to the Runtime Texture Folder, Chapter 25- Creating a Material Preset in the Materials Folder, Chapter 26- Zipping Up Your Product Folder and DAZ PASS Website, Chapter 27- Saving Multiple Item Products, Chapter 28- Helpful Websites for Selling Products on the Internet. Chapter 29- Final. Running Time: 7 hrs. 0 mins., High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels) . Video Format: MP4 (.mp4), Level: Beginner.
Price: $29.00