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The Daz3d to Lightwave Motion Capture Utility

Daz3d to Lightwave Motion Capture Utility: By Ryan Roye Check out this clip showing how to use the plugin! Daz3d can be a valuable resource for free, high quality human models and accessories, but there are three problems: 1) How do I get content from Daz to Lightwave properly? 2) How can someone actually animate these characters using the rig provided upon export? 3) How can clothing models be made to work with Daz characters with minimal effort? All of these questions are answered in this plugin/video content bundle. You will be transporting characters from Daz3d to Lightwave, you will know how to adjust the surfaces so that they render properly, and you will be armed with a plugin that can adapt an exported Daz3d character rig to any CMU database motion capture clip. VIDEO DETAILS _____________________________ Video Runtime: ~10 Minutes Subtitles: None Includes the following content: Part 1: Exporting your Daz3d character (including morphs you specify) Part 2: Surfacing Adjustments Part 3: Plugin Usage Part 4: Adding your own content to Daz3d characters _____________________________ PLUGIN DETAILS _____________________________ RR_Daz3d_CMU_Mocap_Setup.pyc: Adapts a freshly-imported daz3d character rig/model (from fbx file) and pairs it with a motion capture rig’s animation. Included controls are bone offsetting and strength of influence faders for each limb. COMPATIBILITY: Works best for Genesis 1 and 2 characters, limited support for Genesis 3. Currently supports Perception Neuron and Carnagie Mellon University BVH files. PURCHASE LINKS: As always, if you have any questions about the content before or after purchase, e-mail me at The Daz3d to Lightwave Motion Capture Utility + Learning Content
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19 Comments to The Daz3d to Lightwave Motion Capture Utility

  1. Rob Callicotte says:

    Any chance of ever seeing Genesis 3 characters included in something like this?

  2. Keith Hardy says:

    Can i add lw geometry and have its motion bound to the same motion capture data as the Daz model? IE a Daz character with a heart that i modeled. Etc.

    • Ryan Roye says:

      I’m not quite sure what you mean. If you are talking about custom characters, you would be better off using either Nevron or more preferably scripting to transfer motion capture to a mesh.

  3. Laddie says:

    This looks AWESOME! Can it work with Newtek nevron motion and the Kinect camera? Have you tested m4/v4 models/morphs/content ported to Genesis 2?

  4. Mark says:

    Does the plugin work on Mac LW.
    Will it work with Genesis 2 content from Poser.

    • kat says:

      Hi Mark.
      That’s a very good question. My guess, because the plug-in is pyc based (python compiled), it very much should in all likeliness behaving simularly as if it was a LS or LSC which typically work cross platform no problem. I’m thinking it should work fine on the Mac so long as you have LW set up properly with the python components that shipped with it in 11.x and beyond. Although I don’t think it depends on that to run – just to code or compile stuff in the python console in Layout for example. It may however depend on a later version of Python in Layout in order to work properly (so 2015.x is my guess).

      Let me ping Ryan and see what he has to say on this and I will meow at you shortly via email or if you get my reply, you should see Ryans.



    • Ryan Roye says:

      Yes, this is a Python plugin so it will work on Macs. I have had some reports from users who have had difficulty authenticating the plugin with the key file, but if that becomes an issue I have an alternative version I can send to users.

      As for whether it works with the genesis 2 content from poser, the only requirement is that the bone names and heirarchy structure are the same.

  5. Mark says:

    That’s cool, thanks guys.

    Also OT, will the Forums being coming back online following the problems?

  6. Veneris says:

    What about facial motion capture, your plugin works for that?

    • Ryan Roye says:

      Currently, no. The kinect device does not offer enough detail in what it tracks to provide useful results, and other solutions cost upwards of $2000 or more.

      If the demand for this plugin is high enough, I could implement an automatic face rig option however.

  7. JRPB says:

    The plugin works just as advertised, which is great!

    But is there a way to bake the BVH data to the Genesis 2 rig?

    I suppose I could write my own script to do it, but modeling the workflow of the standard Lightwave BVH MoCap Import + Nevron Remap, the plugin might have a Bake button which would do that for the user.

    That way the BVH rig could be deleted from the scene. Much cleaner end to the process.

    • Ryan Roye says:

      While you can bake the daz rig directly (either with switchbaker or MF motion baker), the control setup relies on the motion capture rig in order to make adjustments. In other words, yes you can bake the keys, but you lose the control rig if you remove the motion capture skeleton from the scene. If this isn’t a problem, bake away.

  8. JRPB says:

    Thanks for reminding me of your switch baker tool… I had forgotten it, but it will do the trick nicely!

  9. Prospector says:

    Has this been updated since Gen 2 in 2016 ?

  10. kievi says:

    If there is coming an update for G3 and G8 i will buy the plug in.

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